Geometric tiles and backsplash designs are trending in bath and kitchen designs. Triangles, circles, rectangles, hexagons, diamonds and other shapes gives your space a graphic and bold statement. Bold triangular patterns can be easily subdued by using neutral hues. Soft shades of beige and blue gives an earthy-toned design to geometric tiles. Traditional marble can look modern with a unique circle, half-moon pattern.

Blue and White Geometric Tiles

blue and white geometric tiles

Mediterranean Black and White Tile Designs

mediterranean black and white tile designs

Geometric Wall Tile Idea For Kitchen

geometric wall tile ideas for kitchen

Go Mod with a modern twist with a black and white diamond pattern. Use the mod geometric tile design in contrast to all wooden features. For a sleep and contemporary style, look no further than the Graphic Effects series by American Olean. The steel designs look stylishly sleek in contrast to plain white appliances. Look for geometric patterns that pop with 3D effects for the ultimate 70’s vintage style.

Geometric Tile Pattern For Master Bathroom

geometric tile pattern for master bathroom

Traditional Entry Room Pattern Tiles

traditional enty room pattern tiles

Modern White Pattern Bathroom Wall Tile Idea

modern white pattern bathroom wall tile idea

Classic Floral Patterned Tiles Bathroom

classic floral patterned tiles bathroom

Yellow Colored Geometric Pattern Tiles

yellow colored geometric pattern tiles

Diamond Shaped Tiles Home Office

diamond shaped tiles home office

Unique Mediterranean Tiles Design Picture

unique mediterranean tiles design picture

Elongated hex tiles in Moon gate designs will give any space an astonishing look. For a subtle, unique design, look to Ann Sack’s Crisscross Field Tile in Blue Mist for a dimensional pattern you can play with. Choose a unique style of circa field tiles from Ann Sacks.

Hexagon Shaped Kitchen Tiles

hexagon shaped kitchen tiles

Transitional Powder Room Tiles

transitional powder room tiles

Vintage Hexagon Tile Kitchen Design

vintage hexagon floor design

Decorated Pattern Tiles For Small Bathroom

decorated pattern tiles for bathroom

Seamless Square Pattern Tiles Idea

seamless pattern tiles idea

Glam up white tiles with grey and white shades and bold metallic hues, with interlocking star shapes. The bold patterns are just enough to give your space a statement look. Turn standard stones into an obelisk-meets-chevron design in a classic combination of blue and white. The non-pattern designs gives the ultimate statement in flooring.

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