Presence of a bathtub in your bathroom raises the elegance and appeal of this section of your house. It is a symbol of your ornate way of living. In early times bath tubs were made of porcelain or ceramics usually of a sparkling white texture. There was often a double wall inert for storing the toiletries situated at a convenient height from the bath tub. Bath tubs of different shapes were available of exquisite ceramic finish that made a bathroom a symbol of vanity and comfort.

Stunning Bathtub Tiles Design

stunning bathtub tiless design

Tropical Bathtub Tiles Design

tropical bathtub tiles design

Modern Bathtub Tiles Design

modern bathtub tiles design

Much alike the tiles used for vintage bath tub designs, the modern style is dominated by small tiles that give a convincing interpretation of stones. In a nutshell bath tub tile designs have become more chic and economic. The tiles are available in different colours, patterns, materials and textures. Different types of tiles are these days to give an effect of a luxury spa in your bathroom.

Yellow Bathroom Tiles Design

yellow bathroom tiles design


Serene Bathtub Tiles Design

serene bathtub tiles design

Stylish Bathtub Tiles Design

stylish bathtub tiles design

Transitional Bathtub Tiles Design

transitional bathtub tiles design

There are many types of tiles available for making your bathroom a real comfort zone of your home. Often glass tiles mixed with the neutral ones are used to make the area look more appealing. Even there are geometric shaped bath tub tiles with a wooden look to give a rustic look to your bathroom.

Tranquil Bathtub Tiles Design

tranquil bathtub tiles design

White Tumbled Bathtub Tiles Design

white tumbled bathtub tiles design

Multicolored Accent Bathtub Tiles Design

multicolored accents bathtub tiles design

Modish Bathtub Tiles Design

modish bathtub tiles design

Photo by Shelley Gardea

Bathtub Glass Tiles Design

bathtub glass tiles design

Soothing Glass Bathtub Tiles

soothing glass bathtub tiles

Brown Luxurious Bathtub Design

brown luxirious bathtub design

Preston Lee Designs

Vintage Bathtub Tiles

vinatge bathtub tiles

Aqua Blue Bathtub Tiles Design

aqua blue bathtub tiles design

Artistic Bathtub Tiles Design

artistic bathtub tiles design

Beautiful White Bathtub Tiles Design

beautiful white bathtub tiles design

Elegant Bathtub Tiles Design

elegant bathtub tiles design

Gorgeous White Bathtub Tiles Design

gorgerous white bathtub tiles design

Mid-century Bathtub Tiles Design

midcentury bathtub tiles design

Pale White Bathtub Tiles Design

pale white bathtub tiles design

Mediterranean Bathtub Tiles Design

mediterranean bathtub tiles design

White Bathtub Tiles Design

white bathtub tiles

Spa Like Bathtub Tiles Design

spa like bathtub design

Before you plan to make a complete changeover in your bathroom by installing a unique bathtub, you should consult an interior decorator for availing the best possible home décor.

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