Marble is one of the materials that has always been closely related to exquisite and fine appearance. Marbles have been extensively used in modern upscale residences for a conditioned look. The look of marble, particularly in the combination of black and white, can easily match any style and decor of the house.

Today we have enlisted 20 black and white patterns and designs that you can incorporate into your house for an elegant look.

Contemporary Black and White Tile Bathroom

contemporary black and white tile bathroom

Black and white pattern is an ideal combination to include in your home. Black and white tiled bathroom can easily be complimented with any style of decor. If you wish you can have an all neutral look or add a bit of color with accent pieces or drapes. You can even include a dark black toned stool to accentuate and make the look of your bathroom different.

Rustic Bathroom with Marble Floor

rustic bathroom with marble floor

The Robert Lucke Group

If your bathroom has a rustic theme, you can still include the black and white tiles in the flooring. There is a variety of designs available. Go for a defined look that will polish the entire appearance of your bathroom. You can even experiment with the wall color for giving a subtle or daring contrast to your bath space.

Transitional Bathroom with Floral Print Floor

transitional bathroom with floral print floor

Ellis Architects

The benefit of using the black and white theme in the bath decor is you can experiment broadly with the pattern and designs. If you have an entire white bathroom, adding black and white floral tiles can be the best way to bring in color and variance to your space. You can choose to go for big or small floral print as per your personal preference.

Modern Bathroom Interior Idea

modern bathroom interior idea1

RB Schwarz, Inc

This simple and easy trick can transform your bathroom and give it a completely modern look. Instead of using the printed black and white tile on the floor, add it to your wall in front, behind the mirror and basin. The look is unique and can very easily adjust to any size of the bathroom. You can even add the black and white look to your floor with minimal pattern tile.

Luxurious Bathroom with Double Vanity

luxurious bathroom with double vanity

If you are not short on budget and can afford to go for a bit more luxurious look, we suggest you add the matte black tiles to the area which surrounds your bath tub and go for white tiles in the remaining space. This distinct demarcation brings a sense of organization and clarity to your space. You can even include black tiles beneath the basin and on the floor, if you wish to go for a complete black look.

Classic Bathroom Design Idea

classic bathroom design idea

Parkyn Design

For a classic and timeless look, go for the standard black and white chessboard block tile. It never goes out of fashion and will never look odd in any space. You can modify the size of the tile block as per your preference. If you wish to put in more effort, you can extend the black and white contrast by painting the outer section of the bathtub in black.

Elegant Bathroom with White Cabinets

elegant bathroom with white cabinets

Photo by Jason Smith

If you don’t wish to experiment too much with the design. Add the standard black tiles to your bathroom and the look will be complete. If white drawers and black flooring turn out to be dull, try and include a colored rug for bringing in some interest to your space.

Black and White Penthouse Bathroom

black and white penthouse bathroom

If you have a separate bath space, transform the look by tiling the flooring and the wall entirely with black tile. This simple transformation allows you to keep the remaining space in your bathroom subtle and plain.

Simple Bathroom with Double Vanity

simple bathroom with double vanity2

Add the small black brick looking tiles to the walls of your bathroom and complement it with small pattern tile flooring. The look is simple and standard to try in the bathroom of any size and style. If you have windows in bathroom paint the frames white for matching the theme and tone of your bath space.

Checkered Pattern Tile Design for Bathroom

chekered pattern bathroom tile design

In Your Space, Interior Design Chicago

If you wish to go a bit edgy with the look, this design is worth a try. Include the black and white tile in narrow vertical strips all across your bathroom. You can include a chequered pattern flooring to further accentuate the look.

Traditional Bathroom Design

traditional bathroom design

HSH Interiors

Retro Bathroom with Pink Curtains

retro bathroom with pink curtains

Eclectic Marble Floor Bathroom

eclectic marble floor bathroom

The Bold Look Of Kohler

Small Bathroom with White Marble Wall

small bathroom with white marble wall

SKP Design

Simple Bathroom with Iron Chandelier

simple bathroom with iron chandelier

Cozy Bathroom with Ceiling

cozy bathroom with ceiling

K Kong Designs

Modern Bathroom with Marble Wall

modern bathroom with marble wall

Photo by Peter Aaron

Patterned Wall Tile Bathroom

patterned wall tile bathroom

Photo by Lindye Galloway

Chic Black and White Bathroom

chic black and white bathroom

TriplePoint Design Build

Bold Tiles Bathroom with Double Vanity

bold tiles bathroom with double vanity

Black and white pattern has always been a hit in every sphere. If you are planning to remodel or refurbish the look of your bathroom, black and white pattern with its numerous designs would be worth a try.

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