If there is one stone that can give you a sophisticated and luxurious look for your countertops it is the marble. Many homeowners around the world have created impressive countertop designs by incorporating marble as the main material. The royal look that you get with this material will give you a fashionable design that will make your kitchen look dazzling. Keep on reading for a collection of marble countertops with majestic ideas for your kitchen. You may also see Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Designs

Marble Kitchen Countertops

Marble comes in many colors ranging among white, black, green and pinkish shades. You can go for a seamless design with marble slabs for your kitchen counters or you can choose a design of tiles to add a visual interest in the space. With the right maintenance it’ll last forever. You may also see Stylish Kitchen Countertops

Marble Kitchen Island Countertop

marble kitchen island countertop


White Marble Kitchen Countertop

white marble kitchen countertop1


Marble Bathroom Countertops

Using marble in your bathroom will allow you to create a luxurious setting. Choose the color in accordance to the bathroom’s color scheme in order to achieve a stunning design. They will look amazing with every sink type you might choose giving you a lot more options for marble designs. You may also see Bathroom Countertop Designs

Marble Bathroom Vanity Countertop

marble bathroom vanity countertop


Modern Marble Bathroom Countertop

modern marble bathroom countertop


White Marble Countertops

White marble will look incredible in a white kitchen as well as in a dark themed one. You can create a stylish harmony with countertops in stark white and soft veins or you can go for a bold antithesis with elegant and striking creamy white design with elaborate vein lines.

White Marble Countertop for Kitchen Island

white marble countertop for kitchen island


White Marble Vanity Countertop

white marble vanity countertop


Black Marble Countertops

Black marble will make a bold statement no matter if it is in your kitchen or your bathroom. You can choose a design with heavy veins or with soft lines that will make your countertops look sophisticated and fashionable. A polished finish will match well with the space adding glamour.

Black Marble Kitchen Countertop

black marble kitchen countertop


Black Marble Tile Countertop

black marble tile countertop


Cultured Marble Countertops

If you like the way marble looks but you can’t afford it then you can get a cultured design for your countertops. They are available in every possible color combination while providing you with a durable material with non porous surface to give low maintenance and many years of use. You may also see Granite Bathroom Countertop Designs

Cultured Marble Kitchen Island Countertop

cultured marble kitchen island countertop


Cultured Black Marble Countertop

cultured black marble countertop


Marble Laminate Countertops

Another option with affordable qualities is the laminate marble. You can get the beauty of marble with distinctive veins and designs but in a laminate material. This is a great choice because of its low maintenance requirements and the vast range of designs that you can choose for your countertops.

Cool Marble Laminate Countertop

cool marble lamintae countertop


White Marble Laminate Countertop

white marble laminate countertop


Blue Marble Countertops

Blue marble is one of the most unique shades that you can find in marble. The blue shades are sure to bring a fresh design in your kitchen or your bathroom giving you magnificent countertops. You can choose a design that has heavy vein designs or one with softer veins.

Colorful Blue Marble Countertop

colorful blue marble countertop


Blue Marble Kitchen Countertop

blue marble kitchen countertop


Stained Marble Countertops

Stained marble will give you a stunning and sophisticated design no matter what color you choose for your countertops. You can find these types of marble in various finish qualities like sleek or polished that will allow you to create an impeccable kitchen or bathroom design for your house’s countertops.

Stained Marble Bathroom Countertop

stained marble bathroom countertop


Marble Vanity Countertops

An interesting vanity countertop will make a huge difference to the way your bathroom looks. You can go for any color combination that appeals to your senses however make sure that you stay within the bathroom’s color scheme range. This will also accentuate your vanity bringing out its beautiful style.

Bathroom Marble Vanity Countertop

bathroom marble vanity countertop


Modern Marble Countertops

Modern countertops require a minimalistic approach. You can choose a marble design with soft or heavy veins. The best options is to go for colors that match the space or ones that contradict the existing colors creating a stylish antithesis. Get a luxurious living experience with modern marble countertop designs.

Modern White Marble Countertop

modern white marble countertop


Faux Marble Countertops

Faux marble can come to you in many different materials. From laminate to painted concrete you can choose any design that matches your personal tastes as well as your space in order to bring a luxurious look. This way you will get a low cost design that has durable characteristics.

Faux Marble Kitchen Countertop

faux marble kitchen countertop


Changing the kitchen countertops you can bring a new air to your kitchen. There is a great variety of marble that comes in many color designs and finish types for you to choose. If you are planning for a kitchen remodel then take a chance with marble and get rewarded.

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