When it comes to designing your bathroom space, you don’t necessarily have to stick to certain colors and shades. You can experiment with a zing of colors! A perfect lime green bathroom looks vibrant, fresh and colorful. You can also be experimental with shades of green or lime green. When lime green is mixed with white, it creates the right color balance in the bathroom. Have a look at some of the Lime green bathroom ideas below:

Lime Green Bathroom Décor

lime green bathroom decor1


This lime green décor in the bathroom is very appealing to the eyes. Paired with white accessories, it has created an amazing effect in this master bathroom.  It also contains several lime-green colored pots wherein flowers and plants are placed that add to the beauty of this bathroom.

Lime Green Bathroom Rugs

lime green bathroom rugs1


This bathroom contains a bathroom rug in lime green which complements very well with the décor of the bathroom space. The backdrops of two areas in this bathroom have a lime green finish to it, and they look exceptionally well.

Lime Green and Black Bathroom

lime green and black bathroom1


Well, so far we only saw lime green mixed with white, but here’s a slight variation. Light green is mixed with black here to create a truly unique bathroom space. The walls are in black along with the flooring and countertops which go really well with the lime green wall on the other side. You can also see Japanese Bathroom Design

Lime Green and Gray Bathroom

lime green and gray bathroom2


This bathroom has a combination of lime green and gray that has created a magical look. There is a glass enclosed shower area wherein the tub is placed as well, and it has mosaic tile flooring with colors like white, black and gray. The vanity is also in gray shade with a gray marble countertop.

Black and Green Bathroom Accessories

black and green bathroom accessories1


This master bathroom has black and green accessories that complement well with the entire décor of the bathroom space. It contains a vanity in the turquoise green shade on which a grayish white marble countertop sits.

Lime Green Bathroom Paint

lime green bathroom paint1


This beautiful lime green bathroom paint is very bright and colorful. On one side, there is a plain green wall whereas on the other there is a mosaic wall. It has a lime green countertop wherein is a rectangular sink.

Lime Green Bathroom Decorating Ideas

lime green bathroom decorating ideas3

Design by :Robin Wilson Interior Design

This awesome lime green bathroom has many décor items and is truly elegant. The vanity of this bathroom has shades of gray and brown with natural stone counters. The borders of the mirror area are covered in lime green mosaic and to complement with that are green décor pieces.

Lime Green Bathroom Tiles

lime green bathroom tiles


This bathroom space contains a large tub which is covered with dark green tiles and also the walls halfway are covered with the same. The natural plants are an additional décor in this beautifully unique bathroom style. You can also see Commercial Bathroom Designs

Bathroom Lime Green Wall Design

bathroom lime green wall design

Design by : tamar

This lime green bathroom wall design is very beautiful and contains a large vanity with dual sinks and faucets. It has a lime green border with a black and white mosaic right below that.

Bathroom Lime Green Interiors

bathroom lime green interiors


This bathroom has lime green interiors and they are designed in a very organized yet chic manner. The backsplash of the vanity has square shaped lime green walls which complement well with the lamp like lights placed in this dual sink counter top.

Fantastic Wooden Green Bathroom

fantastic wooden green bathroom


Decorate Green Bathroom with Best Scenic View

decorate green bathroom with best scenic view


Green Linear Pattern Bathroom

green linear pattern bathroom


White and Green Bathroom

white and green bathroom


Best Green Bathroom for Outdoor Look

best green bathroom for outdoor look


Fantastic Greenery View Bathroom

fantastic greenery view bathroom


Green Wall Tiles Bathroom

green wall tiles bathroom


Mirror Art Decor Bathroom with Green Tiles

mirror art deco bathroom with green tiles

Design by : GS Custom

Pink and Green Bathroom Decor

pink and green bathroom decor


Deep Sea Green Slate Tiles Bathroom

deep sea green slate tiles bathroom


Green Wall with White and Black Bathroom Design

green wall with white and black bathroom design


Lime green interior in the bathroom space looks chic, cheerful and vibrant. When mixed with other colors like white, black and gray, it becomes more colorful. This type of décor is best suited in contemporary bathrooms. You could draw inspiration from the above lime green bathroom ideas.  

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