Bathrooms especially those that feature tile floorings give off a cold ambience that doesn’t always look inviting. Instead of changing your tiles though you can use rug designs. With rugs you can add character to your space, while bringing pops of color with beautiful patterns that will make the bathroom look interesting. If you are in the lookout for a new design then keep on reading for our collection of bathroom rugs for fresh ideas. You may also see Modern Bathroom Designs

Round Bathroom Rugs

A round bathroom rug will help your space look stylish in an effortless way. There is a great deal of designs to go for ranging in monochrome or multicolored rugs while you can always go for neutral for stylish effect.

Traditional Round Bathroom Rug Design

traditional round bathroom rug design

Vintage Bathroom Rugs

Vintage pieces have beautiful colors and elegant patterns that can make your bathroom look perfect. You can decide on a design that matches your bathroom’s color scheme or contradict it in a fashionable manner with the rest of the fittings. You may also see Penthouse Bathroom Designs

Vintage Style Bathroom Rug Design

vintage style bathroom rug design

Vintage Rectangle Shape Bathroom Rug

vintage rectangle shape bathroom rug

Black and White Bathroom Rugs

These rug designs might lack in color but they compensate in style and character. Make your bathroom look fashionable with a black and white design that comes in a unique pattern design in order to add a touch of sophistication.

Unique Black and White Bathroom Rug

unique black and white bathroom rug

Small Bathroom Rugs

Small designs most usually come in sets of two or more rugs. Their size makes them ideal for small and large bathrooms adding color and extra character with a stylish design. You will find them in stunning color combinations to choose. You may also see Subway Tile Bathroom Designs

Simple Small Bathroom Rug

simple small bathroom rug

Colorful Small Bathroom Rug

colorful small bathroom rug

Modern Bathroom Rugs

A modern rug will look perfect in a contemporary and modern bathroom. You will find them in remarkable designs that come in various color combinations in order to match everyone’s needs for style and beauty in a unique bathroom rug design.

Multi-Colored Modern Bathroom Rug

multi colored modern bathroom rug

Modern White Bathroom Rug

modern white bathroom rug

Luxury Bathroom Rugs

Choose a plush bathroom rug in order to create a luxurious design for your bathroom. The colors that are trending in this theme are mostly earthy tones with white base that evoke a very natural atmosphere with high class character. You may also see Rectangular Bathroom Designs

Small Luxury Bathroom Rug

small luxury bathroom rug

Cool Luxury Bathroom Rug Design

cool luxury bathroom rug design

Kid’s Bathroom Rugs

Add style in your kid’s bathroom with fun rug designs. You can go for their favorite cartoon character or for a general theme like flowers, animals or birds that will make it look adorable. Kid’s love bright colors so don’t hesitate.

Yellow Rug for Kid’s Bathroom

yellow rug for kids bathroom

SF Design Build

Bright Blue Rug for Kid’s Bathroom

bright blue rug for kids bathroom

Colorful Bathroom Rugs

A colorful rug will add color in a neutral bathroom while bringing a pleasurable atmosphere to the space. You can find many designs with various patterns that can make your bathroom look stunning adding a visual interest that leads the eye. You may also see French Country Bathroom Designs

Colorful Rectangle Shape Bathroom Rug

colorful rectangle shape bathroom rug

Colorful Bathroom Rug Design

colorful bathroom rug design

Oval Bathroom Rugs

Oval designs have a stunning look with a soft design that adds elegance to every space. You can choose the right size depending to your space’s dimensions and layout in order to achieve a fashionable bathroom design that will impress.

Rustic Bathroom Oval Rug Design

rustic bathroom oval rug design

Square Bathroom Rugs

Square designs are not that often seen in bathrooms and that’s what will make your bathroom look stylish and unique. Choose a design in a beautiful color that will match with the bathroom’s fittings as well as with the flooring.

Large Square Bathroom Rug

large square bathroom rug

Floral Bathroom Rugs

Floral designs will give you a fresh look with a touch of romantic vibe that will make your bathroom stunning. You can choose the colors as well as the designs depending on your personal taste and the room’s current style.

Floral Print Bathroom Rug Design

floral print bathroom rug design

Style your space with a rug. The selection is enormous and you can choose the design that fits your needs and matches your bathroom. You can also get more that a couple sets in order to change them up every time you feel like your bathroom needs a stylish change.

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