The Triquetra symbol is an age-old design derived from the Celtic images by Christianity. Originally, it was used to signify God’s love towards the Holy Trinity. In the contemporary era, it is used to symbolise three promises of a relationship. They are to love, to respect and to protect. The symbol has, thus, become an appealing design in necklaces and engagement rings.

Simple Tattoo of Triquetra On Hand

simple tattoo of triquetra


Colorful Triquetra Sleeve Tattoo

colorful triquetra tattoo


The Triquetra tattoo has gained immense popularity among Christians as well as non- Christians. The former get this tattoo since they believe that it represents the three elements of the Holy Trinity: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. There are also people who get this tattoo done without religious reasons. They consider it as a symbol of God’s eternal love or the eternal circle of life. It also implies rebirth called The Binding of Isaac: The Mind, The Body and The Soul.

Triquetra Tattoo Design On Wrist

wrist swirling triquetra


Celtic Sleeve Triquetra Tattoo

celtic sleeve triquetra tattoo


Hand Poked Dragon Triquetra

hand poked dragon triquetra


Black and Grey Filligree Tattoo

black and grey filligree tattoo


Triquetra with Heart Tattoo On Chest

triquetra with heart tattoo


Triquetra with Flowers Back Tattoo

triquetra with flowers tattoo


Feather Hanging Triquetra Tattoo

hanging triquetra tattoo


Tribal Triquetra Tattoo Design

tribal triquetra tattoo


Fantastic Triquetra Girls Back Below Neck Tattoo

fantastic triquetra tattoo


The three-knotted structure is also a symbol of unfettered conviction. So you can get the Triquetra tattoo on your skin because it means something to you personally. Usually, people choose to have it inked on their wrist or the lower side of their back. It goes best with classic and V-neck T-shirts worn with jeans or palazzo pants.

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