Jackets can turn an outfit into a stylish choice. They can give you style, completing the look you aim for. There are many different jacket designs for men that even the most demanding tastes can find the ideal one. Made of various materials like leather, fur or suede, these designs aim into helping you make a fashion statement. In today’s post we have prepared a collection of 20+ fashion trends in jacket designs for men.

Leather Jacket Designs For Men

Leather has an all time classic quality that no other material can have. The fashion trends dictate leather in natural tones, lined with brocade, suede and fur and decorated with metallic zippers and buttons. The leather bomber jackets have made their appearance in many catwalks with structural stitches as decorations.

Men’s Zara Black Leather Jacket

mens zara black leather jacket1

DKNY Men’s Hooded Leather Jacket

dkny mens hooded leather jacket

Designer Winter Jackets For Men

Designers have brought out many different materials for designer jackets that are suitable for everyone. From velvet tuxedos to wool jackets and from leather to satin jersey there is a great variety that can cover all your needs for formal and casual jackets. You can also consider a shell jacket.

Woven Men’s Casual Winter Jacket

wenven mens casual winter jacket

Burberry Men’s Leather Winter Jacket

burberry mens leather winter jacket

Puffer Jacket Designs For Men

Puffer jackets are amazing for autumn and winter season. They can keep you warm and comfortable while maintaining your personal style. Puffer jackets come in a great variety of colors and designs, with fur trimmed endings, removable hood or feather fillings, allowing you to choose the best one for you.

Asos Shiny Puffer Jacket for Men

asos shiny puffer jacket for men

MONCLER Men’s Red Puffer Jacket

moncler mens red puffer jacket

Men’s Designer Quilted Jackets

Jackets with quilted designs have a versatile tone that makes them suitable for casual and special occasions. You can find amazing designs with stand up or baseball collars, with textured sleeves and decorations in leather and metallic stud fastening. Match these jackets with denim and boots for everyday casual wear.

Zara Men’s Brown Quilted Jacket

zara mens brown quilted jacket1

Men’s Diamond Quilted Jacket

mens diamond quilted jacket

Designer Jean Jackets For Men

Denim will be a go-to material for years. Denim jacket designs are comfortable and ideal for casual wear. These designs come with metallic or fur decorations, leather elements and in many cases with embroidery designs making every man look fashionable. You can match denim jackets with sneakers and t-shirt.

Designer Casual Jackets For Men

Casual jackets are perfect for everyday wear. From the gym to a simple afternoon date you can be sure that these jacket designs will make you look polished while looking cool and casual. Materials like jersey, leather, wool and denim feature in designer catwalks matched with casual clothes and shoes.

Burberry Men’s Cotton Casual Jacket

burberry mens cotton casual jacket

Reiss Men’s Summer Casual Jacket

reiss mens summer casual jacket

Men’s Designer Tweed Jackets

Tweed jackets are the epitome of the British style. Suitable for casual and special occasions you can decide on a design that will help you look chic and put together in the most stunning way. You can wear it for work in the office or for Sunday outings all year.

Vintage Tweed Jacket for Men

vintage tweed jacket for men

Men’s Formal Jacket Designs

Formal jackets look elegant and glamorous in a subtle way. You can get a simple blazer to wear at work while you can decide on a more exceptional option for special occasions. You will find formal jackets in a multitude of materials like cashmere, satin, wool or suede to choose.

Burberry Men’s Formal Velvet Jacket

burberry mens formal velvet jacket

Men’s Sports Jacket Designs

Finding the right outwear clothes is a serious matter. So is finding the right sports jacket. No matter if you want it for yachting days or for just simply running to the gym you will find the best water and windproof jackets, out of a huge collection of sports jackets.

Barbour Chelsea Men’s Sports Jacket

barbour chelsea mens sports jacket

Men’s Suit Jacket Designs

Wool, cotton and mohair are the most common materials used for suit jackets. However, you can find them in other stunning materials like cashmere and silk that will help you showcase your personal tastes in fashion and style. Match your suit jacket with matching or white trousers and patent shoes.

Velvet Suit Jacket for Men

velvet suit jacket for men

Men’s Purple Suit Jacket Design

mens purple suit jacket design

Studded Jacket Designs For Men

Studded jackets look cool and extraordinary giving you a brutal and polished look at the same time. You can have a combination of leather with denim or jersey decorated with studs to create edgy and urban looks. Match your studded jacket with denim and leather boots to complete your look.

Men’s Bomber Jacket Designs

A bomber jacket will be a key feature in your wardrobe. A simple design in wool with a detachable shearling collar trim will give you multiple choices for everyday wear. You can match bomber jackets with sportswear as well as with jeans and cotton shirts for work attire.

Balmain Men’s Quilted Bomber Jacket

balmain mens quilted bomber jacket

Suede Bomber Jacket for Men

suede bomber jacket for men

Fringe Jacket Designs For Men

If you want a motorcycle look then you should consider a fringed jacket design. Pick a design in suede material that will look perfect for nights out. Choose a design with front fringes and metallic elements for off center zippers or belt buckles giving an urban or grunge look.

Men’s Leather Fringe Jacket

mens leather fringe jacket

Men’s Biker Jacket Designs

Even if you don’t have a bike, biker jackets have a badass look that is mesmerizing and stunning. Materials like leather and shearling feature in these jacket designs comprised of a metallic and velvet elements that can mix things up for style. Match them with boots and jeans completing the look.

Zara Men’s Brown Biker Jacket

zara mens brown biker jacket1

Leather Biker Jacket Design for Men

leather biker jacket design for men

Camouflage Jacket Designs For Men

Camouflage jackets come in many designs like bomber, sports and puffer jackets. The combination of camo colors with metallic decorations is a great match for casual wear. You can decide on subtle color schemes or for vibrant ones matched with dark jeans that will make your personal style stand out.

Plaid Jacket Designs For Men

Plaid jackets have a versatile use. Depending on the style of the jacket you can wear them for special occasions and work, or you can wear them for everyday casual wear. There are subtle and contrasting plaid jacket designs that will give you the opportunity to mix and match clothes.

Men’s Red Plaid Jacket Design

mens red plaid jacket design

Velvet Jacket Designs For Men

Velvet feels soft and luxurious giving you an elegant look. You can find many designs of velvet jackets for formal wear or you can decide on a piece with cashmere material and velvet trims. No matter what you choose the end result will give you extra points for your taste.

Asos Men’s Blue Velvet Jacket Design

asos mens blue velvet jacket design

Padded Jacket Designs For Men

Padded designs can be found in many styles. From sweatshirt jackets to quilted ones you can find the right one for your tastes. Their practical and versatile characteristics will give you excellent outfit choices to match with it.

Down Padded Jacket Design for Men

down padded jacket design for men

Asos Men’s Black Padded Jacket

asos mens black padded jacket

Designer Men’s Fleece Jackets

Choose a fleece jacket for your outwear collection. It will keep you warm while going to work or for visits to the gym. This piece has a versatile use because you can match it with sweatpants as well as with jeans and still look fashionable.

Designer Men’s Hooded Fleece Jacket

designer mens hooded fleece jacket

Asos Men’s White Fleece Jacket

asos mens white fleece jacket

Men’s Fur Jacket Designs

During the cold months of the year you can look stylish and keep warm with a fur jacket. There is an enormous variety of designer fur jackets that you can choose from. Fur combined with leather or denim is one of the most popular and trendy designs to choose.

Men’s Faux Fur Jacket

mens faux fur jacket

For this year, the fashion designers around the world advise for a sporty approach in jacket designs for men. Knitted pieces along with windbreakers are suitable for cold weather. Additionally, leather comprised with suede elements and metallic zippers show the timeless power of this material. Give a go to different materials. You can express your own unique style with a fur jacket with leather elements or a duotone parka for formal and every day wear.

Don’t hesitate to experiment with something different. Get out of your comfort zone with a unique and fashionable jacket design. A jacket will complete your outfits making a statement of your personal taste in fashion while keeping you warm during the chilly and cold days of ‘16 – ‘17 autumn/winter seasons.

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