Jeans had been a part and parcel of fashionable clothing since its very inception. With transition in the world of clothing and fashion, new designs have cropped up. Some of these have been fast integrated into the fashion wardrobes, while others deliver sophisticated looks to people. There are different shades and patches integrated with contemporary jeans. Some of these have rock finish, while others have a single colour all over. Scroll down to see twenty jeans designs that are trending in the market.

Designer Skinny Jeans

These jeans are common in every wardrobes, and people enjoy the narrow legged feature of the jeans. There are different patterns with fine cloth in some of these attires. In the back pockets, particularly, there are different designs and patterns drawn for style and elegance.

High Waisted Designer Skinny Jeans

high waisted designer skinny jeans

White Denim Skinny Jeans

white denim skinny jeans

Curvy Designer Jeans

Curvy designer jeans are ideal for women who love to live up to the latest trend of fashion. These jeans are featured by the natural curve near the thighs. They fit well, and you can look stylish when you wear tight fitting curvy jeans with matching top and footwear.

Calvin Klein Curvy High Waisted Jeans

calvin klein curvy high waisted jeans

Lee Curvy Bootcut Jeans

lee curvy bootcut jeans

Ripped Designer Jeans

If you are enthusiastic about wear and tear in jeans, this is the ideal design for you. These jeans are deliberately designed to look torn, and there are ripped areas near the knees or thighs. These are a part and parcel of contemporary fashion and you will come across all the colours.

levi ripped blue jeans

High Waisted Designer Jeans

If you want to wear a shorter top, you can opt for high waist jeans. These are customized for slim women. If you have a sleek figure, this will make you look fashionable and beautiful. The jeans are featured with exceptionally high waists, quite above the belly.

Baggy Designer Jeans

Baggy jeans have been inspired by the baggy pants that were popular since the last five decades. These jeans are loose in fit. These are ideal for men who try to dress up a bit differently. Avoid this if you have a healthy body.

Denim Black Baggy Jeans

denim black baggy jeans

Denim Hip Hop Baggy Jeans

denim hip hop baggy jeans

Trendy Baggy Ripped Jeans

trendy baggy ripped jeans


Urban Designer Jeans

Urban designer jeans are featured by numerous curves and screeches that are purposely incorporated into the fashion. Some of these resemble ripped jeans, but the extent of wear and tear is limited. There are additional folds near the knee that make it look fashionable.

Vintage Designer Jeans

If you are a lover of antiquity clothing, you may like these jeans. The old styles of making jeans have been incorporated with new designs. There is nothing special about the normal fitting jeans, except some embroidery work or new designs to make them look stylish.

Embroidery Jeans Designs

Embroidery has found its way into every aspect of clothing, and now it’s very popular on jeans. You can opt for jeans with sophisticated embroidery work in the pockets, with fashionable buttons. In case you want junk embroidery in the jeans, you can go for the ones with fully embroidered legs.

Embroidered Pocket Jeans

embroidered pocket jeans


Funky Jeans Designs

Funky jeans consist of a mixed bag of fashion styles. For instance, you can find a few leather patches in light blue cotton jeans. Or, you can also go for the jeans with irregular patches of light and deep blue.

Levi’s Funky Ripped Jeans

levis funky ripped jeans

Funky Colored Denim Jeans

funky colored denim jeans

Cut Up Jeans Designs

This is similar to the ripped jeans. However, in ripped jeans, the wear and tear marks are irregular. Here, you will find regular cut marks through the entire length of the legs, almost parallel to each other.

Bleach Jeans Designs

If you long for the ideal jeans for party wear or fashion show, bleached jeans will cater your requirements. These jeans are featured by irregular patches all over the legs and thighs. There are floral patterns in some of these jeans.

Denim Bleached Ripped Jeans

denim bleached ripped jeans

Floral Jeans Designs

Floral patterns are very common jeans, especially for young girls. The entire attire can be designed with floral patterns, but you can opt for limited designs as well. Choose shades of red, green and yellow for vibrant looks.

Short Jeans Designs

Short jeans are comparatively new in the trend, but have caught up fast with the dressing habits of women. The shorts are modified into jeans. There are personalised patterns of flowers and other designs in these jeans.

Levi Strauss & Co Short Skinny Jeans

levi strauss co short skinny jeans

Short Flared Jeans

short flared jeans

Colored Jeans Designs

When you want to break away from the traditional blue or black jeans, you can opt for coloured jeans for a change. There are different shades of red and maroon available in the market. Some of these jeans have floral and stitched patterns incorporated in them.

Mint Colored Jeans Design

mint colored jeans design

Mustard Colored Jeans

mustard colored jeans

Flare Jeans Designs

The most popular feature in flare jeans is that it is narrow at the top and broad at the legs. These are suitable mostly for women. There are different shades and colours to pick from. The degree of flaring can also be customised.

White Flare Jeans Design

white flare jeans design

Cropped Jeans Designs

Cropped jeans are made by blending ripped jeans and three-quarter pants. The material can vary in thickness. You can try out different shades of colours when you buy these jeans. Well, you can buy some sophisticated single-colour cropped jeans if you want.

Cropped Flare Jeans

cropped flare jeans

Camo Jeans Designs

These jeans patterns have been inspired by the army uniforms that can camouflage people. there are different patches of green, yellow and brown in these jeans. These jeans also have the loose fitting trait which resembles baggy jeans.

High Waisted Camo Jeans

high waisted camo jeans

Leather Jeans Designs

When you try to live up to the best possible mix of fashion and sophistication, the ideal choice is to go for leather jeans. The polished finish of the jeans delivers an elegant look. You can wear it at parties and occasions.

Black Leather Jeans

black leather jeans


Embellished Jeans Designs

If you look out for jeans with junk embroidery, this is the ideal choice for you. These jeans are featured by a lot of beads, buttons, chains and so on, dangling all over the attire. Besides, there are different patterns of creepers and flowers in these jeans.

Rhinestone Embellished Jeans

rhinestone embellished jeans

Bootcut Jeans Designs

These jeans are suitable for men and have a stable cut all over. The waist region and legs have the right balance. If you are healthy enough, you can try out this design. There is limited embroidery in these jeans.

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