Denim is one piece of fabric that can never go out of style. Denim designs carry style and also brings the comfort and longevity that makes it a favorite on everybody’s list. But nothing is perfect, neither is denim; though we almost believed it.

It takes over 6,000 litres of water to grow the amount of cotton needed to make a single pair of jeans. Levi’s, the beloved Denim brand once admitted that it takes about 3,000 litres of water to make a pair of jeans. The wastage we owe to out mother earth can be calculated by the number of pair we own. In order to compensate for the wastage we suggest the sustainability method of Reuse and Recycle. Yes! You can reuse your old denims and can design your house, organize your tools and experiment with your hair.

On this Earth Day, try these super easy ways to reuse your old pair of jeans with our DIY design ideas.

Table Mat

table mat2


If you are thinking of discarding your pair of jeans, then stop and think of how you can give an edgy look to your dining table with these denim table mats. There is no extra effort that one has put in for this creation. Just cut the pair of jeans into the required size and give the basic stitch to the borders; or you can leave the borders without the stitches too. The will look appealing even without the stitches. Imperfection can be artistic sometimes.

Denim Bow

denim hairbow 2

denim hair bow

Instead of purchasing hair bow clips and bands, create one from your old jeans. This bow can be easily created with the help of good quality fabric glue. Once the bow is prepared attach it with bobby pin or a head band and you have a new hair accessory. Infact, with one pair of jeans you can make good number of bows. Gift them to your friends, handmade gifts are always special.

Cushion Covers

cushion covers


Cushions covers that are durable and appealing. This is another do it yourself activity that you can try with your old pair of jeans. Cut them and convert them into cushion covers. Stitching these cushion covers will make them more durable however, if you don’t want to stitch them just use a good quality fabric glue.

Notebook Cover

book cover

Give a brand new look to your notebook with an old pair of denims. Simply cut off the pair of denims and cover the notebook like you do with paper covers. It is easy and fun and you can always experiment by including printed denims, adding extra accessories like laces and buttons. And don’t forget to add the pockets, for that extra space to carry your pens and pencils.

Denim Apron


Don’t feel like wearing your denim anymore? Wear it as an apron! Recycling your denims into apron is not a difficult task at all. After all, the future lies in sustainable use of resources.

Pet Cushion


For all the pet owners, this is a must try activity. Take out all the old pair of denims you have and create a warm fluffy cushion for your lovely pet. Mix and match different pairs and if required you can stuff old blanket inside to make it warm and cozy.

Denim Holder


Another easy activity that can help you recycle and reuse denims. Since these holders are so easy to make try them with your kids. Cut the pair of denim into half and fold each half to create these holders. Since denim is heavy material it will be stable and balanced. Use them to keep you stationary or makeup or let your kinds use them to store their goodies and eatables.

Denim Pocket Organizer



The easiest project was save for the last. You just have to cut out the pockets from your denims and attach it to your wall or you can use these pockets on a bulletin  board. This will help you keep your room organized and save you lot of space.

These were just few ideas, keep exploring and keep looking for Creativity and imagination can not only make things beautiful but can also help us in conserving and preserving resources for a better future.

Happy Earth Day!

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