After looking at the title if you have especially clicked the post and are actually planning to read it further, we can vaguely come to a conclusion that you are a hardcore or more than just a regular dog lover. Helping you bring together the love for home decor and your furry friend on the same platform, we have today compiled a list of 10 dog themed home decor goods that will give your home the ‘pawfect’ upgrade.

1. Dog Motif Wallpaper

dog motif wallpaper

Dog motif wallpapers are available in a number of styles and color options, you can easily choose the one that best suits your home and reflects the true nature of your personality.

2. Dog Door Knob

dog door knob

Dog door knob can be a beautiful and quirky addition to your home. Opt for the design that extends on the element and presence of your furry companion and also gives your home an edge and flavor.

3. Dog Table Lamp

dog table lamp

If you use it right, the little dog lamp can be a cute addition to your bedroom space. Available in the subtle or vibrant shades, the lamp can either be plain or textured complementing your personal style.

4. His, Her’s & The Dog’s

his her’s the dog’s

This hand painted, hand stained wooden sign measures 11X8’’. Stained with dark walnut, the sign reflects the natural grainy texture and beautiful shine which adds on to the longevity of the product. Painted in antique white, the sign reads “his” and “hers” and a single dog paw.

 5. Dogs Art Print

dogs art print

If you are looking to give an antique and classic touch to your love for dogs, a dog’s art print in monochromatic tone with unique expressions will lend just the needed gangster appearance.

6. Dog Mug

dog mug

With a handful of different breeds and textually fun and rich graphics, a dog mug is certainly one must have to introduce in your dog loved home.

Give your inner dog love a visual and creative face by reflecting it through various nooks and corners of your home.

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