Home decor much like every domain of design holds a personal value to the dweller. Reflecting the rich or traditional taste and personality of the homeowner, the decor of the home echoes the dual purpose of functionality and efficient design. If your humble abode could use a little decorative pick up, these 11 home decor trends are going to dominate the interior world the coming year.

1. Ephemeral Palette

ephemeral palette

With delicate hues that evoke a feeling of light and airy ambience, the ephemeral palette gives the home its classic and timeless quality. Opt for gentle whites and chalky pastels and complement the soft hued shades with wooden and earthy textures.

2. Bohemian Bedroom

bohemian bedroom

Boho-chic bedrooms are going to be big in 2017. Adding a vibrant and textured vibe, the boho-chic rooms hold the versatility to play around with the decor options.

3. Furry Furniture

furry furniture

Extending on the soft and cosy factor, the furry coated furniture pieces add a modern aesthetic interest to the home. Faux-fur is making a snazzy comeback and it is a time we embrace the fuzzy return.

4. A Touch of Luxury

a touch of luxury

If you feel the ephemeral palette lacks the lustre and character, then adding a touch of luxury with leather, metal or jewel tones is the way to go. Shiny brass and copper have been gaining popularity in the interior design sphere, and adding a touch of it either in the form of furniture, hardware or fixtures is going to spruce up the look of the home.

5. Outdoorsy


Relaxing and refreshing, the trend hits all the right interior design notes. With an emphasis on a natural palette, organic silhouette and sustainable materials, the trend connects the indoors to the outdoors in a fresh and tropical fashion.

6. Marble Tables

marble tables1

With a judicious blend of luxe and glam, the marble table is one decorative piece that is here to stay. Lending a statement value, the tables offers multi-functional use that can work well as a coffee table or just as a decorative accent.

7. Retro Lighting

retro lighting

A mix of old with new never fails to give an authentic depth to the design, and retro lighting is perfect for bringing a punch of flavour and character to the interiors of your home.

8. Terracotta Tile

terracotta tile

With a classic and warm style, the terracotta tile has made a huge splash in the decor arena. With a finished and unconventional blend, the terracotta tile holds the potential to make any ordinary space look Mediterranean-chic.

9. Upholstered Headboards

upholstered headboards

Chic and sophisticated, upholstered headboard with their royal and elaborate style can actually bring together the look of the room. And, with a variety of colours and styles available, there is absolutely no reason not to incorporate one in your home.

10. Vibrant Velvet

vibrant velvet

Much like we mentioned above, velvet material just like jewel tones can add a luxe factor to the home. Try and experiment with the colours and extend a charming presence to your space.

11. Eclectic


If done and implemented right, eclectic interiors can transform the space with a multicultural authenticity that also exhibits a refreshing feeling which will be unique just to your space.

Take inspiration from the above mentioned trends and bring an elegant and homely quality to your space.

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