Want to play dress up for your furniture. We have some excellent ideas to help you style your furniture with minimum expenditure and least trouble. Doll up your boring furniture with washi tape for adding a colorful and vibrant look to your room. 

The biggest bonus of styling your house furniture with washi tape is, if you ever get bored, you just need to peel off and start all over again. That is how simple it is. We have compiled a list of 9 ideas to get you started if you are just a beginner in washi tape designing.

Washi Tape on Plain White Desk


Use stripe patterned washi tape to your plain white dressers or drawers for adding  an interesting and edgy look to your space. Washi tapes are very affordable and available in a variety of designs and colors. So, don’t lose your heart if you are a person of neutrals and pastels.

Chair Makeover with Washi Tape


Your plain chairs can get an instant makeover with the help of washi tape. Just remember not to overdo the usage of tape as edge is good but there is a very fine line between being edgy and being gaudy. Ease your way into experimenting with design.

Add Color to Your Night Stand


Use washi tape to add color to your night stand. Colors might just help you open your eyes in the morning :p.

Graphic Style With Washi Tape

washi finished 2

Who says plain and single color washi tapes cannot express an artistic quality? Let your geometric imaginations out and play with the pattern and style of using your washi tape. You might just end up with a brilliant abstract piece and if not satisfied, we always have the option to peel off, don’t we?

Washi Tape for Changing Color


If using a brush gives you tremors, trust us you are not the only one. You can still alter the look of your stools by changing the color of the entire piece with washi tape. Just neatly start sticking it against the shape of your furniture.  It will be one of the DIYs you can actually enjoy doing with your kids.

Washi Tape Headboard


Washi tape headboard can be another unique idea to try with your bedroom. Antique, classic, vintage does have a charm but the appeal of a washi tape headboard can only be measured after you have tried it in your home.

Colorful Washi Tape Addition


You can also add multiple stripes of washi tapes on legs of your table. If you have a neutral table top and a rather simple decor, then the use of washi tape on the table legs could be the oomph factor.

Wide Washi Tape


If adding narrow size washi tapes for decor seems too cumbersome, then you can also opt for broad and extra wide washi tapes for your dressers.

Patterned Washi Tape


If you are feeling particularly creative, this is a slightly more difficult design pattern to try. Adding the stripes horizontally or vertically is completely your preference. Feel free, it is after all your home and your dresser.

Hope these washi tape ideas help you prove that you don’t always need to be an artist for a creative decor. Experiment with what you have and the designs might prove to be your personal designer best.

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