What better way to subtly complement your features than with a pair of beautiful earrings? Ruby stud earrings were popular back in the day, and are trending their way back into our lives and we thought we could help you stay ahead and be unique with some of these fabulous designs. So whether it’s gold earrings or sterling silver studs, there is something for everyone.

Gold Ruby Stud Earrings

gold ruby stud earrings


Ever wanted to stand out without even saying a word? Then these gold ruby studs are just for you. While they go with anything, they are perfect to be worn with dark colors and they’re just right for that bold, adventurous personality.

Ruby and Pearl Stud Earrings

ruby and pearl stud earrings

These vintage pearl earrings are just what you need to get a classic, retro classic look. They go well with evening wear and the diamonds and rubies that accent the pearls will definitely become your best friend. Adorned with 14 carat solid yellow gold, the pearl cluster studs may be just what you’re looking for.
No one should be without a pair.

White Gold Ruby Stud Earrings

white gold ruby stud earrings


Add a vintage essence to what you’re wearing with these 18 carat white gold ruby, diamond, and green garnet flower earrings. They are dashing and exciting, and will unquestionably make you stand out at formal events.

You’ll be falling in love with these ruby and diamond stud earrings, and with just a touch of yellow gold, they will have you ready to impress at galas and other formal events, so be daring and don’t hold back!

Yellow Gold Ruby Stud Earrings

yellow gold ruby stud earrings


There’s nothing cuter than these yellow gold ruby stud earrings, and they are the perfect example of low-key eloquence. They can be worn at casual events, and are not distracting at formal events either.

Ruby Birthstone Stud Earrings

ruby birthstone stud earrings


They say earrings can actually make or break your look, so go for the win with these lovely ruby birthstone studs. You won’t ever want to leave the house without them, as they will match whatever you decide to wear.

Pink Ruby Stud Earrings

pink ruby stud earrings


These pink ruby stud earrings will give whatever you’re wearing a classy feel, as they are colorful, they will come out more with dark colors.

These are unembellished raw and uncut stones in sterling silver, and the daring hand-made beauties are suitable for all hair types and for any occasion, from a groceries run to a fancy dinner.

Vintage Ruby Stud Earrings

vintage ruby stud earrings

The 10 carat yellow gold blends well with these unique, deep wine red rubies on these studs. They have a fabulous color, and the retro-era beauties are great for formal or evening wear. They are perfect with black or dark colors.

Silver Ruby Stud Earrings

silver ruby stud earrings


Nothing will go to your heart faster than these heart-shaped silver ruby studs. They are a great idea as a gift to give (or receive!) and they go well for a casual look. You may also see Silver Earrings

Beautiful Flower Shape Studs

beautiful flower shape studs


Sterling Silver Birthstone Earrings

sterling silver birthstone earrings


Awesome Pinkish Red Ruby Studs

awesome pinkish red ruby studs


Unique Gold Ruby Studs for Wedding

unique gold ruby studs for wedding

Star Shape Ruby Stud Earrings

star shape ruby stud earrings

Lovely Raw Ruby Silver Studs

lovely raw ruby silver studs

Purple Color Cushion Stud Earrings

purple color cushion stud earrings

If you’re looking to shake things up, add a little flavor to your already glamorous life, or simply trying something new, then try out cuff earrings addition to these lovely studs. And hey, if you have other ideas or you want to share those ear stud selfies with us, we’d love to see them.

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