The earliest evidences of men earrings are found in the wall paintings of Persepolis in Persia. Throughout history men earrings have been admired and worn by sailors, soldiers, local Indians, pirates, etc with a sense of pride. The Western society, however, adopted this style a bit later- in the early 20th century.

Today, fashion loving men wear earrings to get a distinguished appearance. There are many stores out there selling a wide variety of these.

Hoop Men Earrings

hoop men earrings


Stud Earrings for Men

stud earrings for men 1


Diamond Earrings for Men

diamond earrings for men 1


Golden Earrings for Men

golden earrings for men 1


Stone Earrings for Men

stone earrings for men 1


Cool Earrings or Men

cool earrings or men 2


Leaf Men Earrings

leaf men earrings 1


One Stone Earrings for Men

one stone earrings for men 1


Yellow Gold Men Earrings

yellow gold men earrings 1


Guy Earrings Design

guy earrings design 1


Black and Gold Earrings for Men

black and gold earrings for men 1


Stylish Earring Designs for Men

stylish earring designs for men 1


Simple Men Earrings for Men

simple men earrings for men 1


Platinum Earrings for Men

platinum earrings for men 1


Attractive Earrings for Men

attractive earrings for men 1


Skull Design Earrings for Men

Modern men earrings are available in materials including metal, glass, beads, precious stones, and plastic. These are of different sizes too.

It is better to go for light weighted men earrings for regular wear. Heavy earring lovers should avoid wearing these for a prolonged period of time. Hairstyles play a very decisive role in whether or not a particular earring will suit one. For those with long hairs, cross earrings go well. Short hair wearers may opt for ear tops. Further, a man can never go wrong with silver earrings. Fair complexioned men should opt for black silver earrings. Gun metal or steel earrings also look great on men. Multicolored men earrings are too in fashion, but it is not advisable to opt for these unless looking fanciful is on your mind!

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