The precious compact accessorizing pieces for our fingers, yes we are talking about the rings, hold a very close personal space in our hearts. We won’t say the same old traditional and the cliched stuff that diamond rings signify the eternal bond of love.

Please don’t take us wrong we do believe love to be a strong emotion, but rings are not just equivalent to nuptial bonds. Rings also define precision, imagination, hard work on the part of the creator and most importantly the endless amount of patience it took to make the final piece.

Today we are going to share with you some of the most beautiful and popular ring designs. If you have not received one from your partner, come on independent ladies get up and buy one for yourself (Don’t worry, the shopkeeper won’t ask you for your relationship status)

Lovely Gold Diamond Ring

lovely diamond ring


The gold diamond ring can be a slightly more affordable choice amongst the lot. Again there are a lot of designs available. You can choose to have either white or yellow gold for the ring.

Cute Blue Diamond Wedding Ring

ovalcut diamond ring


Something old, something new, something blue, something borrowed. Blue act as a perfect choice of color, if you are planning to walk down the aisle.

White Gold Diamond Ring

wedding diamond ring


If you like love bands, then white gold diamond ring can be the winner for you.

Beautiful Square Cut Diamond Ring

beautiful diamond ring


Square cut diamond rings offer a wide variety of designs. And if you are someone who likes squares better than the circle, the square cut can be worth a try.

Elegant Pink Diamond Ring for Engagement

love proposal diamond ring


Pink diamond rings are the epitome of feminine exemplification. Do we even need to say anything more ?

Simple Diamond Ring for Women

simple diamond ring


Simple diamond rings with plain, sober and classy cut are forever going to be timeless.

Minimalistic Diamond Rings for Women

attractive diamond rings


If you wish to have the maximum appeal with bare minimal, narrow diamond rings can be the perfect option for you.

Unique Diamond Ring Design

unique diamond ring design


Diamond rings go beyond the shapes of traditional square and circle, there are several shapes available, you can choose to be as unique as possible.

Vintage Style Gold Ring for Wedding

diamond ring designs


We all know that the craftsmanship of a vintage gold ring can never be matched. Pick the stone, color and design as per your choice and carry it with style.

Black Diamond Bridal Ring

black diamond ring design


Black diamond rings are an unusual choice, for one of a kind wedding or occasion.

White Diamond Platinum Ring

white diamond ring1


White diamond platinum rings can be the elegant, sleek and exquisite purchase for any season or occasion.

Designer Diamond Wedding Ring

wonderful diamond ring design


You can also opt for a designer cut ring for your wedding. The cuts help to accentuate the beauty of the ring.

Old Cut Diamond Ring for Bridal

old cut diamond ring


Old cut diamond rings bring out the ageless look to your ring.

There are several designs, cuts, color, material to choose from. Remember that ring doesn’t always have to be opulent and fancy, the design you choose reflects your joyous moment. Keep it classic and choose the one that defines you best.

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