The buckle is a symbol of self-defense, strength, and protection. It is sometimes associated with the garter, the symbol of binding loyalty and brotherhood. On the other hand, almost everyone wears them not thinking about the spiritual meaning. Both genders, male and female, like the buckle ring design because it represents a unique style, just like platinum rings.

We present you some pieces of those beautiful and trendy rings. If you are asking for something original on your finger, this trendy buckle ring design is a right choice. Enjoy whatever types of this ring design you like the best you won’t be wrong.
Very powerful! We can say that on a first sight just by looking this magnificent ring. It contains thirty-six natural Round Brilliant Blue Topaz and eight genuine Round Brilliant Diamonds which gives that expensive look no one can resist. The simple outfit with this ring on your finger becomes exceptional. Try it, if you don’t believe us!

Antique Buckle Ring

antique buckle ring

It’s so sophisticated. It reminds us of Celtic Ring design. Do you agree with us? This is an incredible artistic work, buckle details like a tongue and prong are displayed on a ring in a very realistic way. If you are a fond of antique you must have one in your collection. This ring is from the 1890’s, turn-of-the-century. You may also see Men Ring Designs

Black Buckle Ring Design

black buckle ring design

Perfect ring for a true lady! This ring is the pure elegance. These buckle black glaze rings with tiled stones will surely complete your outfit. All you need is a little black dress and doubtlessly you will be the most elegant girl on a party.

Crystal Buckle Ring

crystal buckle ring

We can’t take our eyes off this stunning ring. What about you? If you are about to celebrate an anniversary, this buckle ring with black and white Swarovski Crystals represent a perfect gift for your sweetheart. It’s important to say that this combo of black and white crystals is timeless.

Mesh Buckle Ring Model

mesh buckle ring model

Look at this cute design! The combination of white and yellow gold is very popular these days, so you will be very trendy wearing this ring on your finger. The belt buckle on this ring reminds us on bonding, so it brings up the trust between you and your dear, as a symbol of your bond.

Vintage Buckle Ring

vintage buckle ring

For sure vintage look never really goes out of fashion. We may say that this classic buckle ring made of yellow gold is unisex and wearable for every occasion from wedding to other less formal occasions. Here we have an interesting work, not completely simple because the pattern on this ring is very attractive as you can see.

Emerald Buckle Ring

emerald buckle ring

Wow! We are speechless with this noticeable ring in a form of a belt buckle. The shining diamonds and emeralds on this ring point offer a special status for the wearer. Great accessory to be paired with the gorgeous maxi red dress. You will be adorable.

Buckle Heart Ring Design

buckle heart ring design

This is the cutest one so far. The heart on this sterling silver buckle ring is splendid. It is wearable for every generation and every occasion. Black and white diamonds give the ring dramatic look similar to the Bullet Ring.

Sterling Silver Buckle Ring

sterling silver buckle ring

Watch carefully at this simple but very attractive ring. This ring is for those who like to be fashioned by the rule “less is more”. It literally exudes an elegance. The gemstones on a buckle make that attractive look.

Victorian Buckle Ring

victorian buckle ring

If you like an old look, then this classical buckle ring is the right choice. It is from the Victorian period, so watch it intently. Besides the buckle, the ring is without any other details as you can see, yet this is the right choice for you if you like simplicity. You may also see Snake Ring Designs

Beautiful Buckle Ring Design

beautiful buckle ring design

Yellow Gold Buckle Ring

yellow gold buckle ring

Gold Buckle Ring Design

gold buckle ring design

Cool Buckle Ring Idea

cool buckle ring idea

Simple Buckle Band Ring

simple buckle band ring

Rose Gold Buckle Ring

rose gold buckle ring

Ruby and Diamond Buckle Ring

ruby and diamond buckle ring

Awesome Diamond Buckle Ring

awesome diamond buckle ring

When these rings were first made they were formed like a badge of the order of the garter, with a buckle in front, and outside they had the motto. For some time the buckle rings, which come into vogue about fifty years ago, were made solid and were appropriate like the gold rings. Later they were made to be opened and to display the loved one’s name beneath the buckle. Now, many people gladly wear on their finger rings with that motif because it points to strength and protection. Besides the spiritual meaning of the buckle, for someone, those are just beautiful and trendy rings to wear.

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