We don’t know much about the existence of mermaids; the only thing all of us would have ever heard about is myths about mermaids. Disney showed us that Mermaids were the most beautiful thing alive whereas Harry Potter showed us that they might not as pretty as portrayed. But whatever it might be, the half human and half fish idea is quite fascinating to even look at. You may also see Emoji Ring Designs

This beautiful concept has been molded to make pretty rings. Each ring has a different representation of a mermaid but eventually they all look pleasant to look at. Let’s take a look at the following designs.
This snowflake ring design reminds us of the very famous Disney character ‘The Mermaid’. The rebellious little girl was also daddy’s little girl. The blue color with glitter on it looks like seamless water and the mermaid floating on top of it. The way the mermaid is portrayed on the ring is a sight worth noticing.

Vintage Mermaid Ring

vintage mermaid ring

The specialty of this ring is that it is made to look vintage with its rustic and sharp look. The ring has been created into a mermaid to make it look different and visually appealing to the eye. Wear it with a black dress to enhance the ring in a better manner.

Antique Mermaid Ring

antique mermaid ring

Aqua Blue is such a pleasing color to the eye. It gives out a sense of calmness and intensity and the mermaid engraved on it helps complete the design and make it one perfect piece. To top it off, this fine piece of jewelry is antique.

Sterling Silver Mermaid Ring

sterling silver mermaid ring

This statement ring design looks very medieval because of its earthly look and feel. The mermaid is not very clear to look at but that’s what makes the design better looking and makes it stand out from the rest of it.

Mermaid Engagement Ring

mermaid engagement ring

This might not be an exact mermaid in the making but there is more to it. This beautiful, stunning and marvelous looking wedding ring is theme based on the mermaid series from Disney. The red shines bright while the purple and green are complimenting it elegantly and perfectly.

Mermaid Ring with Black Stone

mermaid ring with black stone

There is nothing more gorgeously designed and well thought off than this stunning piece of jewelry. You will look back twice to see a jewelry like this. The black stud radiates elegance in itself but the mermaid design entangled around it, makes the ring look lustrous.
The tail of the mermaid is nothing but the fish tail, it is said to glow in many brilliant colors. This ring design brings that aspect of it wonderfully. The mermaid tail has been created with perfect and it blends with the ring in the most enigmatic manner.

Gold Mermaid Ring Model

gold mermaid ring model

A perfect pearl inside another, this is a well-conceptualized idea and will make a very nice engagement ring. The gold with diamond studs make the design glow from all ends and the pearls and multi-colored stones on top is like a cherry topping on the cake.

Mermaid Wrap Ring Design

mermaid wrap ring design

This is not a whole ring but a well-crafted mermaid ring that winds up in making a beautiful design. The ring made is made of silver and has so much intricate work on it to get the gills of the mermaid right. This is one fine piece of jewelry.

Unique Mermaid Ring Design

unique mermaid ring design

Simple Mermaid Ring Idea

simple mermaid ring idea

Cute Mermaid Tail Ring Idea

cute mermaid tail ring idea


Silver Mermaid Ring Design

silver mermaid ring design


Cool Mermaid Ring Idea

cool mermaid ring idea


Mermaid Ring with Blue Stone

mermaid ring with blue stone


Handmade Mermaid Ring Idea

hnadmade mermaid ring idea


Emoji rings show different emotions whereas these mermaid rings are more about its design aspect. It is a legendary and the most wonderful creature that many have grown up hearing about, so why not own a piece of jewelry relating it to that?

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