Fashion accessories have seen a major transformation from the earlier days when gold jewellery, including bangles and neckpieces, was considered to be the only style statement. Nowadays, rings have also become an extremely popular way of showing how stylish you are.

Weddings are made to become a memorable affair with diamond wedding rings designs. The category of rings which has become a rage among the ladies is the snowflake ring. Some popular snowflake ring designs are shown below:

Diamond Snowflake Ring

diamond snowflake ring

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – this saying is perfectly true and you can understand why it is so by taking a look at this beautiful diamond snowflake ring. Beautifully etched out in the shape of a snowflake, this ring has become extremely popular among the women. The snowflake in this ring is in gold with diamonds embedded in the centre.

Made in sterling silver, this ring is specifically designed for those who love simple yet stylish accessories. As seen in the picture above, this is an open ring, due to which, it can be easily adjusted on any finger of any size.

Gold Snowflake Ring Design

gold snowflake ring design


For those who prefer gold jewellery, this ring is perfect for you. This is designed with the main aim of setting a style statement and making you stand out in a crowd. Embedded with gemstones, this gold snowflake ring is an extremely classic accessory.

Popularly known as white gold, platinum is the in thing nowadays whereas fashion accessories are concerned. Etched out in a beautiful and attractive shape, this ring will stun everyone with its elegance.

White Stone Snowflake Ring

white stone snowflake ring


The major speciality of this ring is the white stone used to carve it out. Even though the design is basic, the white stone adds beauty and elegance to this white stone snowflake ring design.

Black Snowflake Rind Idea

black snowflake rind idea


This black snowflake ring design is definitely one above the rest and your style quotient is sure to double once you adorn this ring. The black and white look of this ring exudes class from every corner. This ring is designed for those who wish to set trends in the fashion arena.

Simple Silver Snowflake Ring

simple silver snowflake ring


Beautiful Snowflake Ring

beautiful snowflake ring


Modern Snowflake Ring Design

modern snowflake ring design


Vintage Snowflake Ring

vintage snowflake ring


Blue Snowflake Ring

blue snowflake ring


Snowflake Diamond Ring

snowflake diamond ring


Gold Snowflake Ring with Blue Sapphire

gold snowflake ring with blue sapphire

Available in beautiful designs, the snowflake rings are a perfect combination of style, class and simplicity, due to which, their popularity has reached heights. Available in gold, diamond, silver and white gold, you can choose the perfect ring which suits your complexion best.

Awesome Snowflake Ring

awesome snowflake ring

Rhinestone Snowflake Ring Idea

rhinestone snowflake ring idea

Gold wedding ring designs are extremely popular due to the age old connection between gold and weddings. Some other rings which have become highly popular during weddings are the round wedding rings and the pink and black wedding rings. The speciality of the pink and black wedding ring is that it is embedded with pink sapphires. So, what are you waiting for? Get your finger adorned with a gorgeous snowflake ring.

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