The oldest ring in the world dates 60 centuries back. Rings have been part of a woman’s wardrobe for so long, that today it’s a testament of their personal taste and style. There is a great variety of ring designs that cover almost every woman’s taste. Valuable metals and gemstones create amazing rings that are capable to upgrade every outfit. Following this, we are presenting you a list of ring designs that will amaze you.

Engagement Ring Designs

Engagement rings have an all time classic feel about them. There are many designs of simple bands and diamond or other gemstones adorning them. Every woman has a unique taste so you can decide on a custom made ring design.

Pearl Engagement Ring Design

pearl engagement ring design

Platinum Engagement Ring Design

platinum engagement ring design


Wedding Ring Designs

In many countries, people choose just a simple gold band for their wedding rings. Make a difference choosing something that is unique and compatible with your personality, like a two tone ring design or a wedding ring with a gemstone.

Wedding Band Ring Design

wedding band ring design

Wedding Diamond Ring Design

wedding diamond ring design

Wire Ring Designs

You can create an ethnic look with a wire ring. Their designs have a simple pattern that is stunning. The wire can stand on its own or it can be embellished with gemstones or other materials to create something really beautiful.

Handmade Wire Ring Design

handmade wire ring design


Copper Wire Ring Design

copper wire ring design

Wire Wrap Ring Design

wire wrap ring design


Mens Ring Designs

Rings aren’t just a woman’s accessory. Millions of men around the world have ring collections. There are many ring designs that have a strong masculine vibe. They can come in simple designs or intricate ones that are accompanied with gemstones.

Unique Mens Ring Design

unique mens ring design

Mens Wedding Ring Design

mens wedding ring design


Silver Ring Design for Men

silver ring design for men

Solitaire Ring Designs

Solitaire rings have a main gemstone that may or may not be accompanied by crystals. Diamonds play a great role in this category or rings. However, there are countless remarkable designs that have other gemstones like sapphires or rubies.

Diamond Solitaire Ring Design

diamond solitaire ring design

Modern Solitaire Ring Design

modern solitaire ring design


Princess CutSolitaire Ring Design

princess cut solitaire ring design

Celtic Design Rings

Originating from Ireland, the Celtic designs have intricate knots that make them stand out from the mass. Their designs have an ethnic feeling with a traditional character that makes them the first choice for many women and men around the world.

Celtic Knot Ring Design

celtic knot ring design

Sterling Silver Celtic Ring Design

sterling silver celtic ring design

Mens Celtic Ring Design

mens celtic ring design


Emerald Ring Designs

The rich green color of the emeralds gives an exotic look to many ring designs. Either on its own or with various micro crystals accompanying it, emerald ring designs will always look elegant and glamorous, suitable for all ages.

Classic Emerald Ring Design

classic emerald ring design


Emerald Stone Ring Design

emerald stone ring design


Gold Ring Designs

Not all rings have valuable stones on them. A simple metal band with an intricate design is enough to create the most extraordinary ring designs. These rings can be created following a certain style or pattern making them ideal presents.

Simple Gold Ring Design

simple gold ring design

White Gold Ring Design

white gold ring design

Vintage Gold Ring Design

vintage gold ring design


Silver Ring Designs

Silver is the alternative solution for gold. The incredible designs of silver rings will amaze you. As a metal, silver can be used with every gemstone easily, creating amazing rings suitable for every occasion. Also, it’s ideal for youngsters.

Silver Band Ring Design

silver band ring design

Silver Pearl Ring Design

silver pearl ring design

Handmade Silver Ring Design

handmade silver ring design


Pearl Ring Designs

An elegant ring with a timeless quality is the pearl ring design. The milky white color with iridescent hues can be combined with all metal bands, creating an attractive look for every woman that wants to look perfect and posh.

Black Pearl Ring Design

black pearl ring design

Baroque Pearl Ring Design

baroque pearl ring design


Marquise Ring Designs

The marquise shape has a unique and versatile quality. It can be used for every style, making all ring designs look magnificent. Having a marquise ring design will make you feel like a true royal during every occasion.

Marquise Engagement Ring Design

marquise engagement ring design


Sapphire Marquise Ring Design

sapphire marquise ring design


Flower Ring Designs

Flowers are the ultimate symbol of feminine charm and beauty. Suitable for every age, a flower ring design is a must for every accessory collection. It can complete even a simple outfit adding a touch of romantic and girly quality.

Flower Shaped Ring Design

flower shaped ring design

Daisy Flower Ring Design

daisy flower ring design


Diamond Ring Designs

Diamonds are a woman’s best friends and not without reason. Many ring designs have diamonds in different numbers and sizes creating a vast variety for every woman to choose. They are versatile and can be matched with every metal band.

Princess Cut Diamond Ring Design

princess cut diamond ring design

Three Diamond Ring Design

three diamond ring design

Sapphire Ring Designs

Sapphires have a deep royal blue color that can make every woman feel like a queen. It looks incredible in both silver and gold as well as with other metals like platinum. It’s a great choice for every woman.

Star Sapphire Ring Design

star sapphire ring design

Pink Sapphire Ring Design

pink sapphire ring design


Yellow Sapphire Ring Design

yellow sapphire ring design


Halo Ring Designs

Halo designs are common for round shapes surrounding a round gemstone. Nevertheless, the halo designs come in other shapes too, like square, oval or triangle. This design has a versatile quality that allows you to create many styles.

Halo Engagement Ring Design

halo engagement ring design

Solitaire Halo Ring Design

solitaire halo ring design


Swirl Ring Designs

Delicate designs like swirls are great for all ring styles. With crystals or gemstones or with just a simple metal band a swirl ring design will make you look stylish and modern no matter the time of the day.

Diamond Swirl Ring Design

diamond swirl ring design

Swirl Band Ring Design

swirl band ring design

Infinity Ring Designs

Everyone has a different opinion regarding the term of infinity. However, all will agree that when it comes in a ring design it looks just perfect. It comes in almost every metal band embellished with crystals or with engraved quotes.

Rose Gold Infinity Ring Design

rose gold infinity ring design

Infinity Wedding Ring Design

infinity wedding ring design

Pear Shaped Ring Designs

If you want to make a difference, you can choose a gemstone in a unique shape like a pear. Pear shaped rings have a glamorous look with elegant bands and amazing designs that are sure to make them a focal point.

Aquamarine Pear Shaped Ring Design

aquamarine pear shaped ring design

Pear Shaped Emerald Ring Design

pear shaped emerald ring design


Pear Shaped Garnet Ring

pear shaped garnet ring

Heart Ring Designs

The heart shaped rings are a great choice for all the romantics out there. Delicate hearts that intertwine with each other create amazing ring designs. Adorned with various valuable stones or crystals the results will be satisfying for every woman.

Double Heart Ring Design

double heart ring design

Open Heart Design Ring

open heart design ring

Ruby Ring Designs

If royal blue had a sibling, that would be red. Rubies have a rich red color that is the epitome of bold elegance. Whether you see it mounted on silver or a rose gold band, it will still look exquisite.

Mens Ruby Ring Design

mens ruby ring design

Ruby Engagement Ring Design

ruby engagement ring design


Ring designs are very important. Firstly, they can cover every woman’s tastes offering a great variety. Secondly, the different designs give the chance to create amazing and creative combinations with everyday and special occasion outfits. Rings have been used as means to showcase one’s prestige for centuries. Someone’s social status could be indicated by the different colors, the intricate designs and glamorous looks of the ring’s design. Today they are accessories that showcase one’s taste.

A ring design needs to reflect on the bearer’s personality. A ring has to be chosen according to one’s personal taste. You can get a ring for everyday use or for only special occasions. Regardless of your choice, we hope that we gave you useful ideas for amazing ring designs.

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