Cushion cut engagement rings are adored for their warm glow and sparkling effects. Even though the chunky geometric style makes this ring a must have for ladies who love retro look, modern cushion cuts can be simple and complement different metal settings. These engagement ring designs are a favorite with celebrities such as Anne Hathaway, Kim Kardashian, Sofia Vergara, Giuliana Rancic and Jennifer Aniston. From a halo to solitaire, in this list there is a cushion cut ring that is perfect for an engagement. You may also See Sapphire Engagement Rings

Halo Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

If you want a ring that combines both elegance and sparkle in the same design, then a halo cushion cut engagement ring is perfect for you. This ring features one central stone surrounded by other smaller sparkly stones that work to make the stones appear bigger when on your finger.

Antique Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

With antique cushion cut engagement rings, you are assured that you are getting one of a kind design. They tend to feature a romantic soft shape with sparkly diamond stones that will look stunning of any woman’s finger. With the face-up outline and brilliance, this ring is a must-have for those who love antique jewelry.


Round Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Most girls dream of wearing a diamond engagement ring on their finger. You can make your girls dream come true by proposing with a unique cushion cut diamond ring. You can also give a fashion style cushion ring as a Valentine, Christmas, birthday, New Year or mother’s day gift.

Gold Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Gold is one of the most sought after metal for making jewelry, and when you combine it with a cushion cut gemstone, you get a ring that will impress the other ladies in your social circle. These rings are handmade with the high-quality material to ensure you get a unique and high standard ring design.

Vintage Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Vintage cushion cut rings from the 1900s are making a major comeback in the fashion industry as well as with modern jewelry designer. The sterling silver metal complements any stone color. A design that includes diamonds further enhances the sparkle effect of the ring. These ring designs were first made in the early 1900s making them ideal for vintage inspired settings. You may also See Halo Diamond Rings

Cushion Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring

With an unlimited number of gemstone options it can hold, cushion cut solitaire engagement rings are one of the most versatile designs. They express true love and the unbroken bond between couples making any of the solitaire designs perfect for proposing in style. A four prong setting is the safest option as it is timeless.

Emerald Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Does your girlfriend prefer silver jewelry with colored gemstones? If yes, then a cushion cut emerald engagement ring is perfect for her. The green central stone has blue undertones and is surrounded by a sterling halo to enhance the light reflective properties of the ring. Some rings can even be resized to fit the size of your finger.

Cushion Cut Sapphire Engagement Ring

Cushion cut sapphire rings have a dark blue color that makes them eye-catching on all brides finger. Sapphire is also one of the hardest stone, meaning you get a durable ring that you can even give to your daughter or granddaughter. Apart from its beauty and strength, this gemstone is linked with healing benefits.


Princess Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Princess Cushion cut engagement rings have an optical illusion which makes the gemstone appear larger especially when worn on a slender finger. The shapes are cut to allow reflection of light so as to bring out the shine and sparkle of the ring. You can choose from sterling silver, rhodium plated to gold plated.

Platinum Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

If you want a ring that is durable, will not fade and will always stay white, then go for cushion cut engagement rings made of platinum metal. Platinum is also hypoallergenic meaning you don’t have to worry about any metal allergic reactions. Bands that have extra detailing such as ripples break the monotony of a standard band. You may also See Square Wedding Rings

Cushion cut engagement rings have a soft, less angular outline and vintage style that makes them a popular choice for many brides. It was the go-to ring for engagements in the 19th century, and it gets its name because it has a soft pillow-like shape. Just like a cushion cut ring, an emerald cut engagement ring also has a vintage look and resembles a rectangular shape.

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