Different vintage engagement rings like gold rings with diamond studded letters, gold or silver bands with a love message or a line of poetry, rings with romantic and whimsical motifs, rings with multi-metal stacks, the square shaped princess and radiant cut rings, etc were widely prevalent in different historical periods.

Piaget Vintage Engagement Ring

piaget vintage engagement ring

Tiffany Diamond Engagement Ring

tiffany diamond engagement ring4

Buccellati White Gold Vintage Diamond Ring

buccellati white gold vintage diamond ring

Since each of these rings is beautiful and unique, today vintage rings make perfect engagement rings. Many modern couples opt to begin their togetherness with these.

Crafted with distinctiveness, the vintage engagement rings come in a plethora of types that basically fall into any of the following categories viz., the Victorian Era rings, the Edwardian Era rings, and the Art Deco rings.

Piaget Vintage Style Engagement Ring

piaget vintage style engagement ring

Van Cleef & Arpels Vintage Wedding Ring

van cleef arpels vintage wedding ring

Cartier Vintage Engagement Rings for Women

cartier vintage engagement rings for women

Harry Winston Vintage Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

harry winston vintage cushion cut engagement ring

Vintage Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

vintage emerald cut engagement ring1


Vintage Unique Engagement Ring

vintage unique engagement ring1


Beautiful Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

beautiful yellow diamond engagement ring


Vintage Art Deco Engagement Ring

vintage art deco engagement ring


While an engagement ring is a symbol of your love, don’t forget that it’s a piece of jewellery that she will most probably wear every day for the rest of her life. A true vintage ring must be over or at least one hundred years old, but you need not worry about trying to find an vintage antique engagement ring, you can get the vintage look and probably have more number of diamonds and different metals as well!

Pink Diamond Vintage Wedding Band

pink diamond vintage wedding band


Vintage Designer Engagement Ring

vintage designer engagement ring


Vintage Style Best Engagement Ring

vintage style best engagement ring1


Affordable Vintage Engagement Ring

affordable vintage engagement ring


Vintage Couple Diamond Rings

vintage couple diamond rings


Gorgeous Vintage Engagement Ring

gorgeous vintage engagement ring


Awesome Vintage Inspired Ring

awesome vintage inspired ring


Vintage Rose Gold Engagement Ring

vintage rose gold engagement ring


Simple Antique Engagement Ring

simple antique engagement ring


The Victorian era rings are rare pieces with finer craftsmanship. These are made either of gold or yellow silver and are studded with Sapphire or Ruby. If you opt for an expensive ring with historical value, these are great assets. If you would like delicately handcrafted platinum rings with diamonds and other precious stones, go for the Edwardian era vintage engagement rings. If intricate floral and leaf patterns decorated with finely cut precious stones are on your mind, the Art Deco rings should be your choice.

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