There is nothing unique like a vintage engagement ring. When it comes to an authentic ring with a rich history and timeless style, vintage rings come first in line. They are considered the eco-friendly choice. Vintage never goes out of style, and these engagement rings prove just that. A great mix of fashion and subtlety, these rings are also quite classy.

Crown setting transitional cut diamond vintage engagement ring

Rose Gold Diamonds and Moissanite Looks Elegant

rose gold diamonds and moissanite looks elegant


You are going to simply love this ring. The diamond incorporates a huge center round cut diamond with the two round single cut diamonds on each shoulder. The ring is made of platinum. It creates an illusion of the diamond set.

Vintage antique engagement rings

Most antique vintage engagement rings are designed with intricate details such as milgrain and filigree. Most are often considered “loved” as many have been handed down through generations.

Antique Vintage Victorian Diamond Engagement Ring

antique vintage victorian diamond engagement ring e1459852292410


Vintage diamond engagement rings

Diamond engagement rings are the traditional choice for engagement rings as they are both class and time, making them the most popular choice of center gem that is most durable and long lasting. Round diamonds provide maximum sparkle, while princess cut diamonds are contemporary with classic, geometric settings.

Diamond Engagement Ring Victoria

diamond engagement ring victoria


This vintage ring features old mind square cut diamond. The vibrant sparkle of ring goes far and wide. Surely, this is going to be cherished forever.

Gold Colored Vintage Diamond Ring

gold colored vintage diamond ring


Elegant princess cut engagement ring with Nice Design

elegant princess cut engagement ring with nice design e1459853881266


Vintage princess engagement ring

vintage princess engagement ring e1459854006537


With a huge round cut diamond, the ring also features two channel set cut diamonds on either side. This authentic, unique piece is crafted of platinum and is available in low price range.

Rose Gold Engagement Ring with Platinum Mix

rose gold engagement ring with platinum mix


This clean look of the centerpiece diamond is crafted of platinum. The entire ring shines brilliantly.

Rose Gold Ring with Different Design

rose gold ring with different design


Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

pink sapphire and diamond engagement ring


Vintage Sapphire with Blue Diamond

vintage sipphire with blue diamond


Vintage Tiffany engagement rings

The prong setting of a vintage tiffany engagement ring is often considered as the trademark that is specifically used to describe the authentic prone rings sold by Tiffany & Co. It is often created with precious metal such as platinum, silver and gold with common head shapes that include oval, round, emerald cut, marquise cut, princess cut, Trillian cut and pear shaped.

Vintage Tiffany Engagement Ring with Diamond Merged

vintage tiffany engagement ring with diamond merged e1459855428143


New Vintage halo engagement rings

new vintage halo engagement rings


 Vintage Rectangular Diamond Engagement Ring

vintage rectangular diamond engagement ring


Vintage black diamond engagement rings

Black diamond engagement rings are unique and unusual as they are created naturally or produced by irrigation colorless diamonds. Carbonadoes are extremely rare, especially with a quality cut and priced at over $1,500 to $2,000. Low-priced carbonados are usually black, grey and white in color variations – though not completely black.

Shiny and Elegant Black Engagement Ring

shiny and elegant black engagement ring


Black Diamond Ring For Engagement

black diamond ring for engagement e1459856456850


A magnificent 18ct white gold emerald cut diamond solitaire ring

a magnificent 18ct white gold emerald cut diamond solitaire ring


Emerald cut vintage style engagement ring

emerald cut vintage style engagement ring


Vintage oval engagement rings

Oval engagement rings make an excellent alternative to traditional ring styles as they are considered to be the modern type of cut, which is a modified brilliant cut to preserve many of the original qualities. Vintage oval cut engagement rings look amazing in gemstone styles such as aquamarines, sapphires, and rubies.

2.5 carat Oval Cut Diamond with Scalloped Diamond Ring



Carleen vintage oval cubic engagement ring

carleen vintage oval cubic engagement ring e1459857406371


This ring features a unique center stone. The design is for special ones who want a unique, classy and timeless style. The off white diamond makes every girl fall for it. You are going to love this on your special day. Take out your perfect size.

Morganite and Diamond Ring with Art Design

morganite and dianond ring with art design e1459858204953


Vintage Art Deco Style Ring With Gray Blue Gemstone

vintage art deco style ring with gray blue gemstone e1459858303978


Vintage 14K Gold Semi Mount Engagement Ring

vintage 14k gold semi mount engagement ring e1459858524474


Vintage Engagement Ring Diamond Ring 3 Stone Trio-logy 18k

vintage engagement ring diamond ring 3 stone triology 18k e1459858643474


Vintage opal engagement rings

Opal engagement rings have been prized since the ancient times as Romans considered opal to be the most precious gem. The 1950’s retro eva of Evonne Ring exudes glamour and mystery with its unique black opal as it has a storm of blues and greens that plays well with the cabochon that is flanked by shoulders of baguette cut diamonds.

Antique Engagement Ring Opal And Diamond

antique engagement ring opal and diamond


Vintage opal cluster ring set in 9K gold

vintage opal cluster ring set in 9k gold


Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

cusion cut diamond enagement ring e1459859272975


Yellow Gold Vintage Ruby Ring

yellow gold vintage ruby ring e1459859532836


Ruby Pink Diamond Cluster with Three Stones

ruby pink diamond cluster with three stones


Vintage Pearl Engagement Ring 10k

vintage pearl engagement ring 10k


Vintage Edwardian Platinum Pearl

vintage edwardian platinum pearl


Vintage yellow gold engagement rings

Bright, sunny yellow gold will complete the bride’s taste and current style as vintage yellow gold engagement rings are a timeless, classic choice that complements well with warm skin tones. For those who prefer yellow gold, an 18-karat will possess a deeper rich color than a 14K yellow gold.

Yellow Gold and Platinum Wedding Ring 18k

yellow gold and platinum wedding ring 18k e1459860180688


9ct Solid Yellow Gold Vintage Gold Ring

9ct solid yellow gold vinatge gold ring e1459860310160


Vintage Aquamarine And Diamond Ring 9ct Gold

vintage aquamarine and diamond ring 9ct gold e1459860462198


Vintage Aquamarine Ring In 9K Gold

vintage aquamarine ring in 9k gold e1459860579560


French Vintage White Gold Cubic zirconia Ring

french vintage white gold cubic zirconia ring


Vintage White Gold Cubic zirconia Ring

vintage white gold cubic zirconia ring


Moissanite vintage engagement rings

Moissanite is the second hardest stone in the world as it is so durable and nearly more brilliant than a pure diamond. The moissanite is nearly colorless, making vintage moissanite engagement rings a very popular choice. It is more affordable than diamonds and even tests positive on traditional thermal probes which makes it a great alternative to diamonds.

Vintage Engagement Ring in Moissanite

vintage engagement ring in moissnite e1459861356488


Moissanite Vintage Design Scallops

moissanite vintage design scallops e1459861512884


Vintage Cartier engagement rings

Known as the “jeweler of kings” and has been a superb and distinctive choice since the early 1900s. As Cartier carefully selects diamond s with no visible inclusions and colorless diamond color ratings, the symmetry and brilliance of the stone creates the perfect ring. The minimum carat size is 0.5 carats with a possibility of larger one carat stones.

Vintage Cartier Engagement Ring with Yellow Gold

vintage cartier engagement ring with yellow gold e1459861742507


Cartier Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

cartier oval cut diamond engagement ring e1459861868573


Vintage marquise engagement rings

Known as the “Navette cut,” the marquise cut is an elongated oval cut which contains between more than fifty-five to fifty-eight facts. Symmetrical marquise cut diamonds have a length that is twice the size of the width, while many types of ratios are used to achieve smaller marquise shapes than the standard size.

Fine Marquise cut diamond ring

fine marquise cut diamond ring


This simple ring is finely engraved and carries a single cut accent diamond. With a center diamond, the wonderful vintage engagement ring is available in all sizes.

Sapphire Engagement Ring Marquise Sapphire

sapphire engagement ring marquise sapphire e1459862214555


Vintage estate engagement rings

Vintage estate engagement rings are commonly referred to jewelry which are part of the estate of a deceased person as the appellation signifies it to be considered as a significant or important piece. Many estate engagement rings come from Georgian, Early – mid- late- Victorian eras, Art nouveau, art deco and retro.

Vintage Yellow Gold Citrine Estate Ring

vintage yellow gold citrine estate ring


Vintage Engagement Ring Pink Sapphire Estate Ring

vintage engagement ring pink sapphire estate ring


Vintage Engagement Filigree Rings and Wedding Band

vintage engagement filigree rings and wedding band e1459863120806


Vintage Engagement Filigree Rings

vintage engagement filigree rings e1459863211686


Vintage white gold engagement ring

White gold engagement rings are mostly worn with white gold or sterling silver jewelry as it offers a smooth, modern appeal that blends well with other pieces of jewelry and clothing arrangements. For those who prefer a white gold engagement ring, 14K offers a bright whiter color than 18K white hold.

Dragonfly Ring White Gold Dress Ring

dragonfly ring white gold dress ring


Tanzanite and white gold ring

tanzanite and white gold ring


Vintage yellow diamond engagement rings

The sunny hued stone is among the top favorites among brides as it is modernly similar to the traditional white diamond and looks amazing in any type of setting. The yellow center stones work with vintage-inspired, multi-stone, and contemporary halo engagement rings. This stone comes in a variety of yellow shades that are more subdued with rich, marigold and sunflower shaded settings.

Two-tone engagement ring with lavish yellow setting

two tone engagement ring with lavish yellow setting


1940’s Vintage wedding yellow set engagement ring

1940s vintage wedding yellow set engagement ring


Vintage platinum engagement rings

Platinum engagement rings compliment diamonds perfectly as the tough metal will protect the diamond with long-lasting quality. Platinum has a bigger atomic mass of over 60% than 14K karat gold as it is both hypoallergenic and safe with a lustrous look.

Platinum diamond custom vintage style engagement ring

platinum diamond custom vintage style engagement ring


 Lovely old European diamond engagement ring is crafted of solid platinum

lovely old european diamond engagement ring is crafted of solid platinum e1459919692520


The gorgeous vintage ring has the colored diamond in the center. You can see three individual bezels on both the sides of the center stone. With the brilliant cut diamond, all the cut diamonds are finished with fine edging.

Round vintage engagement rings

The round brilliant cut is perhaps the most studied diamond cut as they are more than 400 years old though it wasn’t until the early 1919 when the original was created by Marcel Tolkowsky. Round vintage engagement rings are ideal as they look best in 4 prong settings to maximize their brilliant quality.

Round classic sapphire and diamond vintage engagement ring

round classic sapphire and diamond vintage engagement ring e1459919881909

Jeen Jewels

Round cut vintage rose gold diamond wedding engagement rings

round cut vintage rose gold diamond wedding engagement rings


Vintage Asscher cut engagement rings

The Asscher cut displays a deep modified step cut which creates a close bottomless effect. The standard Asscher cut was created by Joseph Asscher in 1902 and the Royal Asscher cut was recently created in 2001 by Joop and Edward Asscher. The four prong settings are the best settings for Asscher cut engagement rings.

Anouks engagement ring asscher cut

anouks engagement ring asscher cut


Accented Asscher Engagement ring

accented asscher engagement ring e1459920339522

Mia Donna

Sterling Silver Ring Set With White Topaz Pear Shaped

sterling silver ring set with white topaz pear shaped e1459920724470


Vintage 3 stone engagement rings

Three-stone engagement rings are a versatile setting that are set closely together and is said to symbolize the past, present, and future of the couple. The three stones can either be the same size or the center stone is often the larger with the two smaller side stones. The most popular diamond shapes are often the princess and round cut.

Tanzanite and white gold ring 3 stone trilogy

tanzanite and white gold ring 3 stone trilogy


The bezel set engagement ring is centered with a round cut diamond. The three diamonds that the design serves make it more expensive yet charming. The ring is made from the platinum and appears in the good condition.

Vintage 3 stone purple color engagement ring

vintage esque 3 stone ring e1459921062579


Vintage engagement rings are considered less expensive and require no extra effort and labor. Whenever you go out to buy any such ring, be sure with the quality of the stones. One of a kind, these vintage rings does not carry similar designs. So, all rings feature a unique design of their own.

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