As women we all love accessories. Most importantly, we do love something shinning on our finger, don’t we girls? Platinum rings have always been in fashion and they look elegant and a class apart. How do you feel about Antique Platinum Rings? Well we are here to show you some rings that we thought grabbed our attention and that it will grab yours too. So, all you ladies, you better get a ring on that finger of yours.

Silver Platinum Diamond Ring

silver platinum diamond ring


Hello ladies, time to make a hole into your husband’s wallet. This silver platinum ring with a diamond on it is an attention seeker. It will make you shine bright like a diamond.

Antique Platinum Bridal Ring

antique platinum bridal ring

Coloured diamonds always look nice on a platinum base. This antique diamond ring has small diamonds all over it, which makes it shine. This is the perfect engagement ring if you want something simple yet elegant.

Antique Platinum Two Stone Ring

antique platinum two stone ring

Antiques have always been our favourite. The old rustic look gives you a different feel all together. This two stoned antique ring looks like it is from the generation of the queens. It has a very retro yet elegant feel to it. We would suggest this to someone who would love the retro feel.

Gold and Platinum Wedding Ring

gold and platinum wedding ring


Even though we love platinum, we still can’t get enough of gold. So, imagine a combination of gold and platinum. This is for people who don’t want something huge or flashy on their hand. This is extremely pretty but not too flashy. It is simple yet artistic.

Modern Platinum Ring with Purple Diamond

modern antique platinum ring2

Want to feel like a princess? Then this is the ring for you! The shinny platinum ring in which you can probably see your reflection is a charmer. To top it off, literally, the purple stone is dazzling and gives it a rich feeling.

Antique Platinum Flower Engagement Ring

antique platinum flower engagement ring

Are you a person with simple taste? Don’t want something bright and shinny for you engagement? This simple flower ring has got to be the one. It has a rustic look and a very antique look to it and makes it look simple yet elegant

Platinum Old Cut Diamond Ring

Your ring defines you; this simple ring with 5 diamonds on it is so plain but yet attracts a lot of attention for its retro look. This kind of ring can be worn on regular basis and will look elegant everything.

Platinum Fancy Blue Diamond Ring

platinum fancy blue diamond ring3

Blue is definitely our favourite colour, especially when it is paired with this diamonded studded platinum ring.  We would suggest to anyone who loves big shinny rings.

Antique Diamond Engagement Ring

antique diamond engagment ring


Old Cut Blue Platinum Ring

old cut blue platinum ring


Dazzling Antique Wedding Ring Design

eternity antique wedding ring design


Antique Platinum Couple Ring

antique platinum couple ring


Old Flower Cut Diamond Antique Ring

old flower cut diamond antique ring


Beautiful Antique Platinum Ring

beautiful antique platinum ring


Vintage Platinum Ring Design

vintage platinum ring design

Blue Stone Antique Ring

blue stone antique ring


Rose Gold Antique Ring Design

rose gold antique ring design


So, if you have an engagement around the corner. You have an option of choosing for these various options. Antique rings also give you the best deal and you have got to stand out on your special day. Rustic, shinny, glamorous, we have got the best ones for you to choose from.

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