Rubies are one of the precious stones selected for wedding rings. The visual charm of the stones is the main reason for which people opt for ruby rings. With a lot of variation in shape, sizes and dimensions, Ruby engagement rings offer a lot of features for customization. Besides, the taste and aptitude of the people also influence the choice of a particular ring. Here are ten beautiful engagement ring designs made of ruby that you may find living up to your taste.

Gold Ruby Engagement Ring

In this ring, the beautiful halo cast around the stone is something you will love. The red stone in the centre is surrounded by small diamonds. The pear-shaped stone is set on a golden frame. The ring shimmers with beauty, and this is an ideal wedding gift. You can opt for this engagement ring to enhance your class.

gold ruby engagement ring

Vintage Ruby Engagement Ring

Vintage ruby rings are popular among the people. in this ring, the purple and shiny silver colour of the stones bask in beauty. It is elongated in shape, with a large stone in the centre. The ring has long edges and looks sophisticated with the purple stone at the base.

vintage ruby engagement ring


Ruby diamond Engagement Ring

This ring shimmers in beauty with a single ruby in the centre and as many as twelve diamonds all over the ring. It has a fine polish, and the white gold used in the body looks attractive. The ring has a sleek and shiny finish, and the four projections in the corners of the stone adds to its beauty.

ruby diamond engagement ring

Antique Ruby Engagement Ring

You may be a lover of antique gems, and it so, look out for this ring. It has an alternate setting of red and white stones. The red rubies are large and the sharp-cut edges add to the sophistication. The stones are placed on a gold body, altogether defining the richness that enhances your guise.

antique ruby engagement ring


Ruby Heart Engagement Ring

Heart-shaped engagement rings have an emotional essence inherent in them. In this particular ring, a large red ruby steals the beauty. It is bright and conspicuous, placed in the midst of other gems. The body of the ring is sleek and beautiful, with small diamonds shimmering around the ring. You may also See Ruby Heart Rings

ruby heart engagement ring

Princess Cut Ruby Engagement Ring

This is a four-double pronged ring made of ruby. The square shape of the stone is complemented with a thin ring. The dark red colour of the polished stone in the centre captures the most attractive spot in the ring. With the polished gem with sharp-cut edges, it enhances the beauty of the ring altogether.

princess cut ruby engagement ring

Celtic Ruby Engagement Ring

If you are looking out for a Celtic ruby engagement ring, this one may live up to your taste. Innovation drives the design of this ring. The small red stone is placed in the midst of an intertwined metallic body. It is a classy specimen of Celtic ornaments and is apt as an engagement jewel.

celtic ruby engagement ring


Platinum Ruby Engagement Ring

In this ring, you will like the classy platinum-ruby combination. With 28 diamond pieces in this ring, it deserves admiration and eight rubies or dark red shade adds to the sophistication and class. The centre of the ring has a large stone, which make the beauty more pronounced. You may also See Antique Engagement Rings

platinum ruby engagement ring

You can choose from these ruby ring designs when you plan to purchase an engagement ring. The right choice of rings make them timeless assets, which have much more than their functional value in them. You may also look out for sapphire ring designs and personalize your choice according to your taste.

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