Everyone knows about the sparkly nature of diamond rings and the bigger the gemstone, the more it gets a woman excited. Many ladies will favor ring designs that incorporate diamonds over any other stone because they complement formal and casual outfits. They depict class, power, everlasting love, eternity and tend to retain their market value. Whether you are a modern, traditional, dramatic or simple bride, there is a diamond ring that will look beautiful on your finger.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Men give women diamond engagement rings to indicate their intentions of marriage. While the size of the diamond can vary depending on one’s budget, the ring should depict a woman’s lifestyle and personal style. A colored diamond ring will show that she is special to you.

Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

pink diamond engagement ring


Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

emerald cut diamond engagement ring


Princess Cut Diamond Rings

No diamond ring is ever the same, so when you choose princess cut diamond rings, you are sure that you are getting a fancy cut. They feature a four side pyramid shape, tends to hide cutting flaws, they are flexible and have a unique sparkly appearance. You can also get a princess diamond ring in a rectangular or square shape.

Princess Cut Diamond Wedding Ring

princess cut diamond wedding ring1

Black Diamond Rings

If you prefer a rare diamond, then go for black diamond rings. These rings feature a diamond that is opaque, valuable and precious just like the white diamond. The black color can easily dress down or dress up your outfit. You can get black diamond rings which are natural or treated.

Black Diamond Solitaire Ring

black diamond solitaire ring

Black Diamond Promise Ring

black diamond promise ring

Chocolate Diamond Rings

Ladies who prefer color in their rings should opt for chocolate diamond rings. These rings are in a luscious, rich brown color that complements all skin tones, and the sparkly nature will help draw attention towards your hand. It is perfect for those with a daring personality.

Men’s Chocolate Diamond Ring

mens chocolate diamond ring


Chocolate Diamond Engagement Ring

chocolate diamond engagement ring

Heart Shaped Diamond Rings

We are all attracted to diamonds because of their sparkle, and the heart shaped diamond ring has a profound symbolic meaning. The shape is often associated with eternal love, passion, and sexiness. The two halves of the heart can be identical or slightly different to depict two personalities merging as one.

Heart Shaped Diamond Ring

heart shaped diamond ring


Heart Shaped Halo Diamond Ring

heart shaped halo diamond ring

Heart Shaped Solitaire Diamond Ring

heart shaped solitaire diamond ring

Solitaire Diamond Rings

Solitaire diamond rings are elegant, classic and timeless. The simple shape of these rings makes it ideal for women who prefer subtle diamond rings and the symbol depicts commitment. You can choose a solitaire diamond ring and later pair it with an enhancer ring to make the design stand out.

Solitaire Black Diamond Ring

solitaire black diamond ring


Vintage Diamond Rings

Vintage diamond rings dazzle with simplicity and the lady wearing this ring often show how proud they are of their man. The striking beauty will reflect a bold personality and make a statement that is hard to ignore. When unsure which ring shape suits you then add a diamond band for more dazzle.

Vintage Diamond Cluster Ring

vintage diamond cluster ring


Square Diamond Rings

When choosing a diamond ring go for a shape that suits the personality of the wearer. Choosing square diamond rings is all about ensuring the diamond is the star of the ring. It makes the ring more spectacular and will look stunning on girls with large hands or big knuckles.

Tiffany Square Diamond Ring

tiffany square diamond ring


Square Black Diamond Ring

square black diamond ring

Square Diamond Platinum Ring

square diamond platinum ring

Pear Shaped Diamond Rings

Pear shaped diamond rings combine both round and marquise shape to form a ring that is eye-catching. They flatter all finger sizes because they create the illusion of a slimmer and longer length. You can get these rings in either slim or large cut to suit your taste.

Yellow Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

yellow pear shaped diamond ring1

Oval Diamond Rings

When it comes to picking oval diamond rings instead of looking for the diamond karat size, consider how you feel when you look at the ring. These rings have the advantage of an elongated shape which will make your fingers appear slender and cause the diamond look bigger than its actual size.

Oval Solitaire Diamond Ring

oval solitaire diamond ring


3 Stone Oval Diamond Ring

3 stone oval diamond ring

Oval Black Diamond Ring

oval black diamond ring

Emerald Diamond Rings

The unique rectangular with step cut corners of the emerald diamond ring is what makes it alluring. They feature bright and dark planes that create dramatic light flashes that make the ring elegant. Whether for engagement or anniversary gift these rings will look good on any woman.

Vintage Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

vintage emerald cut diamond ring


Emerald Cut Diamond Platinum Ring

emerald cut diamond platinum ring

Round Diamond Rings

Round is the most popular shape for making diamond rings. They are a favorite to ladies who look for modern designs in a ring as well as those who favor traditional cuts. They look beautiful on all fingers, and the shape gives it more light reflection properties.

Round Cluster Diamond Ring

round cluster diamond ring

Round Diamond Solitaire Ring

round diamond solitaire ring


Sapphire Diamond Ring Designs

When you combine sapphire with diamonds, you get a ring that will make any lady appreciate you more. Suitable for girls whose birthdays are in September, these rings also suit traditional brides or those whose favorite color is blue. Sapphire diamond rings symbolize royalty, virtue, and good fortune.

Pink Sapphire Diamond Ring

pink sapphire diamond ring

Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring

blue sapphire diamond ring


Diamond Infinity Rings

Infinity diamond rings include the infinity symbol in the design. The symbol can either be in the center or a smaller size at the sides of a diamond stone. Whatever ring design you choose, the infinity symbol will clearly showcase your eternal love as well as the strong bond between you and your partner.

Gold Diamond Infinity Ring

gold diamond infinity ring

Diamond Infinity Knot Ring

diamond infinity knot ring


Diamond Wedding Ring Designs

You can choose diamond wedding rings based on shapes such as Asscher, marquise, radiant, and cushion; or designs such as halo, fancy, vintage, accent, three stone, side stone and solitaire. Diamond rings are available in different colors like white, yellow, pink, orange, brown, green, red and blue that complement the wedding dress.

Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring

platinum diamond wedding ring

Pink Diamond Wedding Ring

pink diamond wedding ring

Flower Diamond Rings

A diamond ring symbolizes a love that is to last forever so ensure you get the color and shape right. Flower diamond rings are ideal for women who love girly accessories and can even suit couples who are having their wedding during summer or spring.

Rose Flower Diamond Ring

rose flower diamond ring

Skull Diamond Rings

Skull diamond rings are for lovers who prefer dark art and gothic lifestyle. These rings depict style and a bold personality, as well as a “, don’t mess with me attitude.” While the skull looks scary adding diamonds gives the rings a sophisticated image that any wife to be will love to wear.

Pink Diamond Rings

Pink diamond rings are rare, and one of the most sought designs for women who prefer colored gemstones. The color of the stone depicts feminine traits that will make any lady look chic. The rare quality of a pink diamond makes these rings expensive however you can get human-made pink diamond rings at affordable prices.

Pink Heart Diamond Ring

pink heart diamond ring

Pearl Diamond Ring Designs

The beauty of pearl diamond rings is a sight to behold. These rings tend to combine the classic character of pearls with the luxurious traits of diamonds to form a ring that is timeless and sophisticated. Pearls make a lady look youthful making these rings ideal for older women.

Vintage Pearl Diamond Ring

vintage pearl diamond ring

Pearl Sapphire Diamond Ring

pearl sapphire diamond ring

Diamond Cross Rings

Cross Diamond rings can be a purity symbol where girls abstain from sexual activities until marriage, a sign of faith or a fashion statement for decorating the fingers. You can further add a band to your ring to represent your style.

Sterling Silver Diamond Cross Ring

sterling silver diamond cross ring

Black Diamond Cross Ring

black diamond cross ring

Whether you are looking for an engagement rings, wedding ring, promise ring, anniversary or birthday gift, you can get your perfect design in a diamond ring. They also come in different colors to complement your skin tone. The perfect diamond ring for a lady should enhance the beauty of her fingers.

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