Antique engagement rings are in demand because they give brides the chance to be part of history. They often feature unique designs which ensure that your ring is one of a kind. They are also timeless, durable and affordable meaning that you can make them a family heirloom and eventually give it to your son. Even though there are many rings nowadays, vintage ring designs stand out as they are uniquely crafted to symbolize eternal love.

Antique Sapphire Engagement Rings

If you want a second choice to diamond, then antique sapphire engagement rings are for you. Sapphire is a durable gemstone that tends to showcase vibrant blue colors. Suitable for brides whose birthdays are in September, these rings symbolize luck, purity and blessings in marriage.

Blue Antique Sapphire Engagement Rings

blue antique sapphire engagement rings

Antique Diamond Engagement Rings

Make your finger sparkle by wearing an antique diamond ring. Diamonds glitter often make the ring desirable so upon seeing the ring your girlfriend will most definitely say yes! These rings tend to have a deep history which you will be part of when you wear this ring design.

Antique Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

antique diamond halo engagement ring2

Antique Art Deco Engagement Rings

Do you love geometric patterns? If yes, then antique art deco engagement rings will be perfect for you. Popular in the 1920s and 1930s, these rings feature abstract designs as well as unique geometric shapes. They are classy and can incorporate diamond with other colored gemstones.

Antique Art Deco Engagement Stone Ring

antique art deco engagement stone ring


Antique Opal Engagement Rings

The beauty of gold antique engagement rings continues to fascinate many modern brides. Gold doesn’t tarnish, lasts forever when mixed with other metals and you can even use it as a family heirloom. If you need more sparkle, then go for white gold rings.

Gold Antique Engagement Rings

Brides who love vintage jewelry from the Victorian era will love antique opal engagement rings. Rings from this era have a classic romantic look that will make any bride stand out. The main focus on this ring is the opal which reflects a rainbow color.

Antique Platinum Engagement Rings

Classic and durability, you will not go wrong by choosing antique platinum engagement rings. Platinum is ideal for ladies with skin sensitivity problems as it never reacts with any skin tone. Popular in the eighteenth century, these rings are luxurious.

Antique Platinum Filigree Engagement Rings

antique platinum filigree engagement rings

Pear Shaped Antique Engagement Rings

If your girlfriend loves unique yet eye-catching gemstone shapes, then opt for pear shaped vintage engagement rings. They feature a teardrop which makes the ring appear larger. Suitable for brides with short fingers, the ring will help create the illusion of length. You may also See Wire Wrapped Rings

Antique Round Engagement Rings

Classic and timeless, antique round engagement ring will make any bride’s fingers beautiful. While these rings were popular in the 1800s, they still continue to be a favorite to many modern brides who are looking for a simple yet chic design.

Vintage Antique Round Engagement Rings

vintage antique round engagement rings


Antique Pearl Engagement Rings

With flowing symmetry and inspiration from nature, antique pearl engagement rings are attracting. They often include the Edwardian style of ring design and are often delicate as well as feminine. The white color of pearls will show sophistication.

Antique Silver Engagement Rings

In many ancient cultures, silver was used as a medium of exchange making antique silver engagement rings abundant. The sheen also works to complement other precious gemstones like diamond and colored stones.

Antique Silver Engagement Onyx Rings

antique silver engagement onyx rings


Ruby Antique Engagement Rings

You will depict passionate love when you propose with an antique ruby ring. Engagement rings that feature a ruby are rare, durable and treasured mostly because of their bold beauty. This gemstone symbolizes guidance and wisdom when making marital decisions.

Ruby Antique Solitaire Engagement Ring

ruby antique solitaire engagement ring

Antique Emerald Engagement Rings

Do you love jewelry from art deco or Edwardian period? Then go for antique emerald engagement rings. These rings are ideal for brides whose birthdays are in May. The vibrant green of emerald is often associated with a happy marriage. You may also See Antique Diamond Ring

Antique Emerald Gemstone Engagement Rings

antique emerald gemstone engagement rings

Antique Celtic Engagement Rings

Celtic culture has a deep rich history that often includes attractive ancient symbols. Celtic antique engagement rings look beautiful due to their intricate knot work and deep line work.

Antique Celtic Knot Engagement Ring

antique celtic knot engagement ring

Antique Filigree Engagement Rings

When looking at engagement rings for women, those with filigree designs are the most popular. These rings were a common occurrence in the Edwardian era and often feature lace patterns on the metal band.

Antique Filigree Engagement Oval Ring

antique filigree engagement oval ring

Antique Cluster Engagement Rings

Antique culture engagement rings are ideal for ladies who want extra sparkle on their hands. This flower design was in style during the Georgian era. The ring design interconnects to symbolize unity and loyalty for couples.

Antique Cluster Engagement Sapphire Ring

antique cluster engagement sapphire ring


Antique engagement rings for women often incorporate gemstones. Ring designs for men tend to be in a simple yet durable metallic design that matches an individual’s lifestyle.

Antique engagement rings will give any bride a special feeling as they are beautiful and unique. The beautiful design, works to decorate the finger and further portray the personality of the bride. Since they are handed down through generations, these rings are well taken care of, and they make the bride part of history.

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