Pear shaped engagement rings are fancied by many brides lately due to their elegance masked in their simple and beautiful shape. The pear cut is also referred as teardrop cut. The sophisticated teardrop cut radiates feminine and graceful style. Inspired by oval and marquise cut, it has a sharp end and a rounded other end.

Pear Shaped Morganite Ring Design

pear shaped morganite ring


Crystal Druzy Ring For Women

crystal druzy ring


Vintage Black Pear Shaped Ring

black pear shaped ring


The history of pear shape dates back to 15th century AD. The father of the pear-shaped cut was Flemish cutter Lodewyk van Berquem. Around the 17th century, Mazarin cut was practiced, and the Peruzzi or old mine cut in 18th century. The modern pear cut came into picture in 19th century.

Small Diamond Engagement Ring Design

small diamond engagement ring


Old Fashioned Diamond Pear shaped Ring

diamond pear shaped ring


Yellow Gold Ring With Three Diamonds

yellow gold ring1


Blue Sapphire Ring For Engagement

blue sapphire ring2

Pear shaped rings were not very famous due to the loss of amount of stone and the bow tie effect, especially when used on diamonds. However, the popularity of the pear shaped rings increased lately because of its unique and simple yet modern design which maybe complimented with a halo. Most of the diamond cutters choose pear shape to bring out the beauty of the few unique diamonds, unique shape for unique stones. The pear shape has crawled up to the top 10 list of most sought after stone cuts.


Mouawad Rings Designs Of Diamond

mouawad rings of diamond

Two Lined Platinum Ring With Diamond Inserted

two lined platinum ring


Simple Small Green Drop Ring Design

small green drop


Cute Pink Colored Diamond Ring

pink colored diamond ring


Double Halo Ruby Ring Design

double halo ruby ring


Canary and White Engagement Ring

canary and white engagement ring


Clustered Silver Gems Ring

clustered silver gems ring


Ladies Platinum Diamond Ring

platinum diamond ring4


Stackable Bezel Pear Engagement Rings

stackable bezel pear rings


Pear In Middle Ring Design

pear in middle ring


Noori Black Diamond Ring

noori black diamond ring

Vintage Style Diamond Engagement Ring

vintage style diamond ring


Rose Gold Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

rose gold engagement ring


Simple Flat Gold Ring Design

flat gold ring


Complete Diamonds Ring

complete diamonds ring


Moon Stone Ring For Engagement

moon stone ring


Three Diamonds Ring Design

three diamonds ring1


A pear shape would be perfect for hands with smaller fingers. Pear cut along with oval and marquise makes the fingers look longer. A princess cut or round stones flatter longer fingers, any cut with wider bands will suit wide and thick fingers. A smaller band will look good on slender fingers.A pear cut sports head turning timeless elegance, but bewares of the short and stubby ones which steal the beauty and elegance of the shape. A brilliant classic pear cut beauty is a very rare find which requires patience and vigilance.

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