Rings are the most sought after jewelry by men. Most of the men love to wear jewelry in the form of rings and would like to keep it simple. So, when it comes to men’s rings there is a huge collection in pure gold which are called wedding band rings which are preferred during weddings in many countries. The Ring Designs are also made from platinum and silver which are liked by many men for their simplicity. The rings are also studded with diamonds and other precious gemstones to give them a royal look.

Men’s Solitaire Ring Designs

Solitaires rings are one of the costliest and precious rings which make them the most sought after ones for any occasion. It may be an engagement, an anniversary or wedding, the solitaire rings are the preferred rings many as it lasts forever and which can be passed to the next generations.

Men’s Platinum Solitaire Ring

mens platinum solitaire ring

Round Solitaire Engagement Ring for Men

round solitaire engagement ring for men

Men’s Platinum Ring Designs

Platinum rings are known for their elegance and style. Men who love to look stylish and minimalistic prefer platinum rings. Their non-glittering and simplistic look makes them a favorite for many men for various occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and engagements.

Men’s Platinum Ring with Black Diamonds

mens platinum ring with black diamonds

Men’s Platinum Wedding Ring

mens platinum wedding ring

Men’s Platinum Claddagh Ring

mens platinum claddagh ring

Wedding Ring Designs for Men

Wedding rings are special for anyone as they are going to be there forever. Most of the men prefer band rings in gold or platinum for weddings. Some prefer solitaire rings for their weddings. But gold and platinum band rings which are plain or engraved with a quote or name are the most liked by men.

Men’s Titanium Wedding Ring Design

mens titanium wedding ring design


Gold Wedding Ring Design for Men

gold wedding ring design for men


Men’s Gold Ring Designs

Gold rings for men come in various designs. A wide range of designs from simple to intricate design rings studded with precious gems are available for men.

Rose Gold Ring Design for Men

rose gold ring design for men1

Engagement Ring Designs for Men

Engagement rings are special rings which in every man’s life. The engagement rings are available in gold, platinum etc. Solitaire ring is the most preferred engagement ring by most of the men.

Men’s Gold Engagement Ring Design

mens gold engagement ring design

Men’s Black Engagement Ring

mens black engagement ring


Pearl Ring Designs for Men

Pearl rings are simple and elegant to look. The simplicity of the pearl rings attracts many men. Pearl suit almost everyone and they are available in gold, silver and platinum with simple as well as intricate designs.

Pearl Silver Ring for Men

pearl silver ring for men


Men’s Square Ring Designs

Square rings give a tough and bold look. These rings are preferred by men who would like to present themselves as strong and matured. Many designs are available in square rings with engraved initials to gemstone settings.

Men’s Square Turquoise Ring

mens square turquoise ring


Men’s Ruby Ring Designs

Rubies are precious gemstones which are popular for their beauty and its properties astrologically. The ruby rings for men are available in various designs. Starting from a single ruby stone which looks elegant to a set of rubies which are studded in gold, platinum and silver in intricate designs to get a royal look are available for men.

Antique Men’s Ruby Ring Design

antique mens ruby ring design


Celtic Ring Designs for Men

Celtic rings are band rings which are made from either gold or platinum. The Celtic band rings are either engraved with names or a favorite quote on customer order. The Celtic rings are the most preferred rings for weddings and they are known as wedding rings for this reason.

Celtic Knot Ring Design for Men

celtic knot ring design for men

Men’s Celtic Cross Ring Design

mens celtic cross ring design

Silver Ring Designs for Men

Silver rings are mostly liked by everyone especially young men who would like to keep it simple. The silver rings are available in various designs such as a simple band ring, an owl engraved on the ring. Beautiful filigree designs are beautifully done on silver rings.

Men’s Silver Ring with Black Stone

mens silver ring with black stone

Men’s Hammered Silver Ring

mens hammered silver ring1


Emerald Ring Designs for Men

Emeralds are precious gemstones which have a great astrological value. The emerald rings are made from silver, gold and platinum which makes them sought after by many men as they are precious and beautiful.

Oval Emerald Ring Design for Men

oval emerald ring design for men

Men’s Modern Emerald Ring Design

mens modern emerald ring design


Men’s Stone Ring Designs

Many precious and semi-precious stones are used to make rings. Right from rubies, emeralds to semi-precious colored stones are used in making men’s rings with gold, silver, platinum etc. These stone rings are beautiful to look and suit everyone.

Green Stone Ring Design for Men

green stone ring design for men


Eternity Ring Designs for Men

Eternity rings are band rings made in gold. silver or platinum and studded with similar cut and color gemstones all through the ring. The eternity rings have an elegant and royal look which makes them sought after by many men. The eternity platinum band rings studded with diamonds are popular among men.

Diamond Eternity Ring Design for Men

diamond eternity ring design for men

Coral Ring Designs for Men

Coral rings are beautiful rings which are also statement rings. Corals are available in various designs and shades. the coral rings are also known for their healing properties which make them popular among men.

Men’s White Coral Ring Design

mens white coral ring design

Ring Band Designs for Men

Band rings are the most preferred design by men for their simplicity and elegance. The band rings are made from gold, silver, platinum etc. These rings are also the preferred ring designs for weddings by men.

Wedding Ring Band Design for Men

wedding ring band design for men


Men’s Wide Ring Band Design

mens eide ring band design

Diamond Ring Designs for Men

Diamonds are precious stones which are known for their beauty and shine. The diamond rings are available in various designs for men such as diamonds set in square shape ring, eternal rings studded with diamonds etc. The most popular design for diamond rings being the solitaire ring in which a huge single diamond is carefully clasped in a gold or platinum ring.

Men’s Single Diamond Ring Design

mens single diamond ring design

Men’s Diamond Wedding Ring Design

mens diamond wedding ring design1

Men’s Pear Shaped Ring Designs

Pear shaped rings have a special look from their shape. They are made in various sizes in gold, silver and platinum. They are made either plain or studded with gemstones to make them even more special. They suit anyone and add charm to the person wearing it.

Pear Shaped Emerald Ring Design for Men

pear shaped emerald ring design for men

Pear Shaped Halo Ring for Men

pear shaped halo ring for men


Vintage Ring Designs for Men

Vintage rings are special rings with a royal and elegant look. The vintage rings are made with gold, silver etc. and have an antique finish. They have intricate designs and some are studded with precious gemstones which make them special. These rings are loved by everyone and it is a dream for many to possess one.

Sapphire Ring Designs for Men

Sapphire rings come in various shapes such as square, circle etc. Sapphires are royal gemstones which are sought after for their precious nature and value. The sapphire rings are generally made of gold, silver, platinum etc. They give a royal look to look anyone wearing the ring.

Oval Sapphire Ring Design for Men

oval sapphire ring design for men

The rings are the kind of jewelry which can be worn daily to anywhere. They are simple and do not alter the overall look and style of the person. This is the reason why most of the men prefer to wear a ring. They go well with any outfit whether it may be work wear or casual wear. Rings are made of gold, silver, platinum, copper etc. which are studded with precious stones to make them a must have a piece of jewelry by every man.


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