The legend of Zelda has given birth to the concept of the Zelda ring, a hit item among costume jewelry lovers since its launch. The zelda rings come with the typical inverted triangle placed within an isosceles triangle design. In fact, it is somewhat similar to the celtic ring that contains the ?triquetra? — triangle in the Latin language. These rings are actually created on religious symbols pertaining to both Christians and pagan heritage.

The Zelda rings commonly share one feature with celtic rings ?their knots symbolize the universe?s sacred geometry and the symbiotic relationship that all living beings of this universe share.

Zelda Band Ring

zelda band ring

This matt finish stainless steel ring for men is available in black with sizes ranging from 5 to13. Made from pure Stainless Steel (316L) and 8 mm wide, the ring is hypoallergenic and nickel free. Comes in a jewelry bag as also a thirty day money back guarantee.

Zelda Triforce Ring

zelda triforce ring

This sleek and wire thin ring has been created keeping the true Zelda and Link fans in mind. The triangles can be separated and you have the option of wearing a single ring in different shapes and styles. All rings are handmade and sizes range from 4 to 14 and includes half sizes as well. The material is tarnish-resistant and hypoallergenic wire made from a metal layered with 14K gold. Also available in rose gold (14K), sterling silver and gold and rose gold-toned or silver-plated copper.

Sterling Silver Zelda Ring

sterling silver zelda ring

This banded silver ring is made from 925k sterling silver and is available in the comfort fit size. It is 9mm wide and weighs 9 grams approximately. Insurance and shipping charges are payable by the buyer. New size can be created if the available size does not fit. The Zelda triforce symbol is embedded in jet black on a gleaming silver band and adds to its classy all-male look.

Zelda Cosplay Ring Design

zelda cosplay ring design

This unisex chunky ring has the Zelda Triforce insignia embedded in green against a gleaming metal base that gives it a solid look. Comes in various sizes and its heavy appearance is bound to grab attention.

Rose Gold Zelda Ring Model

rose gold zelda ring model

The classic Zelda Triforce ring in Rose Gold with the typical inverted triangle within an isosceles triangle symbol as the principal motif. The rose gold color adds to the overall beauty of the ring and the portrays the aesthetic sense of the wearer. Also available in sterling silver.

Handmade Zelda Ring Design

handmade zelda ring design

This handmade double ring comes with bronze plating and the bright, high-resolution holographic artwork in multiple shades of blue is placed under two clear glass domes, 14mm in length. Comes with a gift bag and is also waterproof.

Zelda Inspired Wedding Ring

zelda inspired wedding ring

Cool Zelda Ring Idea

cool zelda ring idea


Zelda Sapphire Ring Design

zelda sapphire ring design


Awesome Zelda Band Ring Idea

awesome zelda band ring idea


The triforce has become so popular that even the vintage diamond rings can be designed on the triangle-within-the-triangle concept. It would also look good and sleek and would be an ideal item for all time wear.

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