Opal ring designs are a beautiful and unique set of ring designs that give you a huge range of options for different colours and texture of stones so that you can find the perfect ring. These ring designs offer you a number of different options so that you can find the perfect ring design for your new piece of jewellery. You also look for the perfect engagement ring or statement jewellery piece to add to your personal jewellery collection.

Opal Engagement Rings

Opal engagement rings are a beautiful and classic engagement ring design that is perfect for the couple who do not want a generic diamond engagement ring. These rings are perfect for a woman with an opal birthstone.

Opal Diamond Engagement Ring

opal diamond engagement ring

Fire Opal Rings

Fire opal rings are a red opal ring design that can be set in different ways and styles in order to create a beautiful and unique ring design. These designs are perfect for an elegant piece of jewelry for formal events.

Fire Opal Diamond Ring

fire opal diamond ring


Opal Wedding Rings

Opal wedding rings incorporate opal into the wedding band in order to create a beautiful and unique style of a wedding band for those who want a wedding ring that is different from the normal, traditional wedding band.

Handmade Opal Wedding Ring

handmade opal wedding ring


Vintage Opal Rings

Vintage opal rings are old fashioned and traditional set ring pieces. These ring designs are very traditional and are perfect for a classic piece of jewelry to add to your collection for formal occasions.

Stainless Steel Vintage Opal Ring

stainless steel vintage opal ring

Opal Promise rings

Promise rings are the perfect way to promise yourself to your partner before you are old enough to become engaged. These rings are very simple and beautiful to show your love for each other.

Men’s Opal Rings

Men’s opal rings are very simple precious metal bands with small opal embellishments. These rings are good for class rings and weddings bands as a beautiful yet masculine ring design.

Black Gold Men’s Opal Ring

black gold mens opal ring

Gold Opal Rings

Gold and opal is a very common pair when it comes to opal jewelry, and most of these ring designs are a very traditional opal ring design. These ring designs are perfect for formal events as a statement piece.

Gold Opal Engagement Ring

gold opal eagagement ring


Opal Rings for Women

Opal rings for women come in many different shapes, styles, and colours. It can be worn as an everyday ring, as a formal ring, or as a piece of statement jewelry.

Opal Band Rings

Opal band rings are the perfect ring for a wedding band for a woman as they are a simple gold band with opal embellishments. These rings are very elegant and are different from the traditional wedding band.

Opal Heart Rings

Opal heart rings are a beautiful and simple ring design that is perfect for a young teen as an everyday ring or a formal ring for events and parties. The opal is cut into a heart and is sometimes set with other precious stones.

Chunky Opal Heart Ring

chunky opal heart ring


Silver Opal Rings

Silver opal rings are a silver metal band with an opal stone as the main feature of the ring. These rings come in many different shapes and sizes and are suitable for women of all ages for all occasions.

Silver Opal Charm Ring

silver opal charm ring


Square Opal Rings

Square opal ring are a square cut opal set onto a metal ring. These designs create a unique ring design that is perfect to use as a piece of statement jewelry for formal events.

Square Opal Two Tone Ring

square opal two tone ring

Opal Cocktail Rings

Opal cocktail rings are a large ring design that can be set with one or many opal stones in order to create a piece of statement jewelry that you can wear to many different occasions and events.

Opal Cocktail Genuine Ring

opal cocktail genuine ring

Opal Flower Rings

Opal flower rings use a number of opal stones set into a flower design. These rings are very feminine and can be worn by women of all ages and for all occasions, as they are very beautiful designs.

Handmade Opal Flower Ring

handmade opal gold ring


Opal Skull Rings

Opal skull rings are a beautifully carved opal in a skull shape set onto a ring. These ring designs are perfect for younger people as they are very bold and striking ring design.

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