When in doubt with jewelry, always settle for a subtle yet elegant looking design. The opal stone fits that bracket perfectly and they don’t look just elegant; they also have an extravagant look even though simplicity is the base to it. The designs we have come across are pretty, gorgeous and charming. You may also see Pearl Pendant Designs

Some of them are simple whereas some of them are eloquently designed to wear to any special occasion. The mixture of these two designs is showcased below and you can even choose to buy any of these beautiful opal pendant designs.

Opal Glass Pendant Design

opal glass pendant design

A first glance at this pendant will make you feel like you are looking at the moon. The transparency in the design is meticulously designed. This opal pendant design can be worn on any special dress and the dress will stand out even more. The crust of this design, on which the stone is rested, is well designed too.

Fire Opal Pendant

fire opal pendant

Don’t let your heart sit there alone, team it with a well conceptualized outer layer to give it an extra design touch. Whatever design you add to the pendant, the opulent pendant stone will still stand and radiate its way through the other designs.

Floating Opal Pendant

floating opal pendant

From far it looks like a topaz pendant design whereas when you go closer you will see an elegantly floating opulent pendant surrounded by diamond studs. This is a simple looking design but with much greater value and this should be worn on special occasions to flaunt the greatness.

Antique Opal Pendant

antique opal pendant

Antique jewelry has much value than a fully styled modern jewelry. This design looks like it has straight been out of the Gypsy time. The dark blue opulent stone resembles a peacock feather and the design is carefully crafted. If you decide to buy this pendant, make sure you use it with a long chain.

Opal Hamsa Pendant

opal hamsa pendant

The white opal hamsa pendant is also considered to be a good luck charm. Apart from that, it is also known to protect you from all the evil. This is worth buying and you can wear it all times. The design is nice unlike other evil eye pendants and because of the subtle color; it will go with anything you wear.

Wire Wrapped Opal Pendant

wire wrapped opal pendant

The Opal Pendant looks good by itself but the metal wire wrapped around it is to ensure the pendant looks extravagant. The wire makes the pendant stand out and look more interesting to buy.

Vintage Opal Pendant

vintage opal pendant

This is a small and simple vintage design that is absolutely elegant. The sterling silver attached to stone has a perfect vintage touch to it and stone blends in well. This can be worn as a choker and people won’t stop admiring it.

Black Opal Pendant

black opal pendant

Black is not an elegant looking color but when you add it to anything, it makes the design even better and extraordinary to look at, just like this black opal pendant. The black steals all the attention and the design is 100% lavishing and classy to look at and to even wear with anything.

Yellow Gold Opal Pendant

yellow gold opal pendant

Blue Opal Pendant Design

blue opal pendant design

Opal Cat Pendant Design

opal cat pendant design

Cute Opal Pendant Idea

cute opal pendant idea

Simple Opal Pendant Idea

simple opal pendant idea

Unique Opal Pendant Design

unique opal pendant design

Raw Opal Pendant Idea

raw opal pendant idea

Cool Opal Pendant Idea

cool opal pendant idea

These twenty opulent designs have its own sense of uniqueness and great design but what stands out more than the design is the stone itself. These pendants will look good with anything you wear it with, be it casual or any occasion but one assured thing is that all eyes are going to be on you.

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