Opal has a unique style that can add character to every jewelry design. In necklaces you will find that it looks extraordinary, bringing various colors to match with your outfits. Like diamond necklaces, opal one’s are quite popular among women that want something beautiful and unique to adorn their neckline. In today’s post, you will find a collection of amazing opal necklace designs that will help you find the one that suits your personal tastes.

Fire Opal Necklace Design

The fire opal designs add sparkle with a red, blue or white pallet that looks simply stunning. You will find these necklaces in various designs of pendants regarding shape, technique, and style giving you extra elegance and glamorous tone.

fire opal necklace design

Opal Pendant Necklace

Opal pendant necklaces offer a unique style to every woman that chooses to wear them. They are available in many colors giving you the opportunity to match them with almost every outfit while you can also find in locket Necklace.


opal pendant necklace

Opal Cross Necklace

An opal cross will give you the perfect gift for your mother or one of your aunts. They are available in stunning layouts that integrate this beautiful gemstone along with precious metals like yellow and rose gold or sterling silver.


opal cross necklace


Opal Heart Necklace

Heart designs look girly and lovely but when combined with opal you get incredible designs. In most necklaces, the iridescent look adds a charming element that makes every outfit look unique a chosen with great care for a girly look.


opal heart necklace

Black Opal Necklace Design

Black opal is a rare occurrence but if you happen to find such a necklace don’t hesitate to get it. You will find that these designs offer a dark shade with iridescent qualities that make the necklace look really dramatic.


black opal necklace design

Floating Opal Necklace

If you are on the lookout for a beautiful necklace design for your friend then the floating opal necklace will give you that. These come in spherical or tear drop shapes that have wonderful small gems of opal floating around.

floating opal necklace


Vintage Opal Necklace

A vintage opal design is sure to make your neck appear slender while adding color in your outfits. You can find many designs that feature stunning craftsmanship and tremendous décor for unique and fashionable outings for formal and casual occasions.


vintage opal necklace

Opal Choker Necklace

The trendy choker necklaces take a fabulous makeover with opal gemstones. These designs are suitable for casual occasions like going to college or out with friends while in a formal design can be great accessories for special occasions as well.

opal choker necklace


Opal Drop Necklace

Drop necklaces offer a chic look for every woman completing her every outfit fashionably. They are suitable for every woman regardless of their age since these designs add an all time classic look with stunning colors and extra elegant designs. You may also see Crystal Necklace.


opal drop necklace


Opal as a gemstone has many different colors. It can be found in a clear design as well as in every color pallet like white, black, red, yellow and blue giving you a great variety to choose from. Opal necklaces have a stunning look. They can have beautiful shapes, styles, and craftsmanship that allows you o find one for every occasion and outfit. From chokers to pendants the list goes on with stunning opal pieces.

With the 90’s inspired choker necklace that is currently trending. You can integrate both designs in order to achieve a stunning look. Opal is a valuable gemstone that can give you excellent results no matter how you choose to wear it. You can get different colors for creative everyday outfits.

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