Jewelry designed for men is simpatico. You cannot expect elaborate and intricate designs for men’s jewelry. Jewelry designs for men are made in gold, platinum, and silver precious metals. If you look at wedding rings of men, you will only find a small stone embedded into a masculine design with geometrical cuts. These designs are more practical than artistic. You might only find a shade or two and they lack embellishments.

Men’s Beaded Jewelry Designs

These are made in semi-precious or acrylic beads. You can find designs in necklaces and bracelets for men. Younger men who like to dress in the casual bohemian chic can wear this type of jewelry.

Men’s Wooden Beaded Jewelry

mens wooden beaded jewelry

Handmade Beaded Jewelry for Men

handmade beaded jewelry for men

Men’s Leather Jewelry Designs

These are leather bracelets that are highly suitable for younger men below the age of 30 years. They look good on teenage boys as well. They create a style statement of rock chic.

Men’s Engravable Leather Jewelry Design

mens engravable leather jewelry design


Gold Jewelry Designs For Men

Male sporting gold necklaces look hip-hop chic. This is the kind of style you can try at your own risk, unless and until you are giving a stage performance.

Antique Gold Jewelry Design for Men

antique gold jewelry design for men

Mens Rose Gold Jewelry Design

mens rose gold jewelry design

Silver Jewelry Designs For Men

A more understated jewelry compared to gold. Men can sport silver bracelets or necklaces and create a subtle statement of being the ladies man.

Silver Wire Jewelry Design for Men

silver wire jewelry design for men


Men’s Hip Hop Jewelry

A highly kitschy jewelry best avoided unless and until you are a hip hop artist yourself.

Men’s White Gold Hip Hop Jewelry

mens white gold hip hop jewelry

Men’s Turquoise Jewelry

Wear a bracelet, ring, or necklace with a turquoise stone of beads. This looks good if you are wearing casual clothes. Avoid wearing them on formal clothes.

Vintage Men’s Turquoise Jewelry

vintage mens turquoise jewelry


Men’s Western Turquoise Jewelry

mens western turquoise jewelry


Men’s Diamond Jewelry Designs

Right from ear pieces, finger rings, necklaces, there is diamond jewelry that suits men of all age groups. It creates a subtle chic style statement when not over done.

Mens Chocolate Diamond Jewelry

mens chocolate diamond jewelry

Men’s Western Jewelry

Men can wear jewelry that is available in different motifs in metal, leather, stones, and beads. This is only suitable for younger men with lean as well as a heavier built.

Men’s Silver Western Jewelry

mens silver western jewelry


Skull Jewelry Designs For Men

You can wear stylish jewelry in skull motifs that is more intricate than simple. You can also team it up with formal as well as informal clothing. Skull jewelry is for the garage punks, biker boys, and men who are more into biking and music of rock genre.

Men’s Stainless Steel Skull Jewelry

mens stainless steel skull jewelry

Vintage Men’s Jewelry Designs

This type of vintage jewelry made for men has motifs inspired from the royal regalia. You will find a crown and other Victorian motifs in most of the vintage jewelry designs for men. Men who want to create a regal style statement can wear vintage jewelry in the form of finger rings, cuff links, brooches, necklaces, or earrings. Men’s wearing vintage earrings is still in vogue. Attempt this style only if you have the charming boldness to carry this androgynous style of jewelry.

Men’s Vintage Gold Jewelry

mens vintage gold jewelry


Men’s Emerald Jewelry

They are also available in contemporary designs in platinum and black metal. They can be worn on casual as well as formal clothes, and are suitable for men of all age groups. Choose this precious stone jewelry and wear them only as a single piece design. Men wearing emerald jewelry either love emeralds or are wearing them for astrological reasons. Emeralds have the quality of enhancing the intellect and sharpening the mind of analytic ability and reasoning.

Men’s Platinum Jewelry Designs

Men can sport this simple style in platinum jewelry by wearing finger rings or necklaces in simple designs. You can wear them on most of the occasions. This is the most commonly worn piece of jewelry by men. There is nothing distinct about it except it can be worn as an everyday jewelry piece by men.

Men’s Platinum Jewelry Bracelet

mens platinum jewelry bracelet


Men’s Celtic Jewelry

This type of jewelry is only suitable for younger men. Even men and boys who want to style in rock and punk can wear Celtic jewelry designs. These designs are unique and must be worn only with a certain piece of clothing. It can also show your love for the Celtic culture and fascination for the Gaulish culture.

Celtic Cross Jewelry for Men

celtic cross jewelry for men

Men’s Crystal Jewelry Designs

Crystals are available in black, white, red, and many other vibrant colors. Younger men can wear crystal jewelry in the form of necklaces, bracelets, and fingerings. Men who love to wear gothic chic can wear crystal jewelry. There is always a mysterious side attached to this type of jewelry. Wear this jewelry only if it goes well with your personality. It creates an aura of mystery and elegance. There is nothing rugged about this jewelry. Psychedelics who love the Bob Marley culture can wear this type of jewelry. It gives a very hippie look to the wearer.

Men’s Quartz Crystal Jewelry Design

mens quartz crystal jewelry design


Handmade Crystal Jewelry for Men

handmade crystal jewelry for men


Men’s Tribal Jewelry Designs

This is an inexpensive jewelry made from acrylic or wooden beads in different designs and motifs. Sometimes semi-precious stones are also used. It can be worn by men who want to sport a casual look. You can probably also have a three-day beard when you are wearing this type of jewelry. They give an easy going feeling and let you express yourself through these designs.

Pearl Jewelry Designs For Men

Men can wear pearl studded jewelry on most of the clothes. Avoid wearing pearl necklaces unless and until you are wearing ethnic clothing. Pearl jewelry is rarely worn by men, except for special occasions. You can wear black pearls as bracelets as they can blend with any type of clothing.

Men’s Black Pearl Jewelry Design

mens black pearl jewelry design

Men’s White Pearl Jewelry

mens white pearl jewelry


Men’s Wooden Jewelry Designs

Men who want to portray a rustic look can wear jewelry made from wooden beads. It could be a necklace carved in different motifs or finger rings designed in different designs. They are available in the most artistic designs. Men who have a creative streak can wear this type of wooden jewelry designs. They can be worn on formal as well as informal clothes, depending on the design of the jewelry. Never wear wooden jewelry with leather clothing. Denims and cotton clothes look better with them.

Wooden Cross Jewelry for Men

wooden cross jewelry for men

Mens Black Jewelry

This is a bracelet made in black diamonds. Men can wear black jewelry in metals, precious and antique metals in black, as it gives a debonair look.

Men’s Black Opal Jewelry

mens black opal jewelry


Men’s Biker Jewelry Designs

These are biker rings that come with various motifs and designs. Men of any age can wear them with leather jackets and biker gear. You can get bracelets and armlets in these motifs. Ska and garage punk chic can also be sported using this type of jewelry. Do not wear them with formals, whatsoever. They are made in antique metal and are also available in sterling silver metal.

Men’s Gold Biker Jewelry

mens gold biker jewelry

Men’s Cremation Jewelry

You can wear a jewelry that has an inscription of your deceased loved one. Men can wear cremation jewelry that is made in stainless steel and precious metal on casual and semi-casual clothes. They are also available in the form of rings and cuff links.

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