Bamboo jewellery is the newest popular fad in jewellery that is both beautiful and economically friendly. This list has put together some of the most beautiful pieces of bamboo jewellery available, in different styles and for different areas of the body. Some of these jewellery pieces are hand made, giving them a beautiful and unique finish to them. We are confident that this list will help you find the best options for wooden and bamboo jewellery. You may also See Mosaic Jewelry Designs

Bamboo Coral Jewelry

bamboo coral jewelry


This jewellery is a beautiful pair of earrings painted in gold, red and blue, and is almost Egyptian in design. This pair of earrings is a great accessory that will help to turn any day outfit into a sophisticated evening outfit.

Bamboo Bead Jewelry

bamboo bead jewelry

This beaded bamboo jewellery is a simple red beaded design. This necklace is perfect for a minimalistic style of outfit, as it is a much more mature and simple design than some others on this list.

Handmade Bamboo Jewelry

handmade bamboo jewelry


This piece of bamboo jewellery is a large, chunky necklace design in red and gray. This necklace design is ideal for a striking piece of jewellery to add to a classic and minimalist outfit.

These pieces of bamboo jewellery are mainly gold in colour with red berry-shaped embellishments. This hand made bamboo jewellery gives each piece of jewellery its own uniqueness and is perfect for gifts.

This bamboo bracelet is a simple beaded bracelet, suitable for both men and women. It is a black beaded design with small metal charms, so it is customizable to the person, making it the perfect present to give as a gift.

Golden Bamboo Jewelry Design

golden bamboo jewelry design


This set of bamboo style earrings in gold earrings with bamboo designs cut into the metal. These earrings are perfect as gifts and will add to a minimalist outfit.

This feather bamboo earring set is very tribal in its design and uses blue to add colour to the natural colours of the feathers and bamboo. They are very simple yet beautiful, and are perfect accessories to any outfit.

Bamboo Red Coral Jewelry

bamboo red coral jewelry


Flower Bamboo Jewelry

flower bamboo jewelry

Stackable Bamboo Ring

stackable bamboo ring1

Beaded Bamboo Jewelry

beaded bamboo jewelry


Wood Bamboo Jewelry

wood bamboo jewelry


This selection has put together some of the most beautiful tropical jewellery selections that are currently on the market. This list aims to give you some of the best designs for tropical jewellery and bamboo jewellery to give you some ideas and inspiration to create some really beautiful bamboo jewellery.

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