Making your own hooped earrings is so much fun. Don’t you think so? Let us persuade you because it is easier than most folks think. Once you have mastered the simple thing like loops, you will be able to make almost everything you imagine. Make sure you find a right material and arm yourself with a patience and have a fun.

If you are about to take a leave and go to a vacation, make sure you have one of these. Excellent craftsmanship, really shiny metal earring will make you so popular on the beach.

Wire Hoop Earrings

wire hoop earrings

Travel to the beach light. Wear them with a smile, because you are aware the hoops are excellent. It is obvious that artist used silver to highlight the item with a daisy flower spacers and hematite.

The cute earrings are textured by a hammer, forged with knowledge and patience which makes them durable. During the time they will probably oxidize but that will just add value to the patina. Practical for the gym or with a dark blue gown dress at the same time.

We present you small black hoop earrings. The hooks are made of inox steel, coated with gold or silver. The earrings will make you feel light. Spot on if they are used as the accessory with little black dress. Keep the disco open, here you go. We just want to warn you to take them off in the bathtub because water can damage a wooden material.

Beaded Band Earrings

beaded band earrings

Start at the top, then adds the connector and attach pearls. The smooth pearls are semi-precious stones. Pink color makes you feel romantic. Double spiral is incorporated to add complexity into the design, which will add balance to your maxi silk dress. You may also See Solitaire Earring Designs

Mens Hoop Earrings Design

mens hoop earrings design

Large flat spiral enables this kind of texture and design. Earrings are engraved with a mixture of floral and tribal details. Hoops are made of a gold and represent a piece of Gypsy folklore. On this way, you will certainly feel a gypsy spirit.

Large Band Earrings Idea

large band earrings idea


This is a “must have” for every lady. We adore this kind of handcraft. You will recognize these details from movie “Alice in Wonderland”. The brilliant pendant made of a mixture of materials in the shape of three little hearts which are combined with brass beads strung on a brass chain.

Here is an awesome piece of jewelry made of stainless steel. The gemstone makes cartilage earrings glitter on the sun or under the lights of a photo studio. It is available in various color designs, from Aurora Borealis, over topaz, to royal blue. Every shirt will be perfect and the only outfit you need to wear at a party.

Black Hoop Earrings Design
black hoop earrings design

The nice representation of a bohemian style. It will look nice with anything you put on, even overall. This is a right example of an eloquent design. You can see in the middle a stone, just a small reminder that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look fancy and beautiful at the same time.

Heart Hoop Earrings

heart hoop earrings

Angel wings represent a pure soul. We don’t have to emphasize on that. However, look how cunning idea leads designer behind this swoosh in the shape of a cute little heart. There is no price for true love! A beautiful piece of jewelry made for a romantic date. You may also See Antique Earring Designs

Decorated Hoop Earrings

decorated hoop earrings


Pirates Diy Hoop Earrings

pirates diy hoop earrings


Santa Hoop Earrings

santa hoop earrings


Pink Love Hoop Earrings

pink love hoop earrings


Classic Hoop Earrings

classic hoop earrings


Small Gold Brass Earrings

small gold brass earrings

Lovely Laurie Hoop Earrings

lovely laurie hoop earrings

Woven Wire Oval Earrings

woven wire oval earrings

Gold Tone Hoop Pink Lace Earrings

gold tone hoop pink lace earrings

Choose between dress with rich ruffles or a little black dress. Keep your smile and chin high. Make your hair like you are going to a theater and you are on a gold path to make a success with any earring design you chose from above. Remember to keep it simple and elegant as a true lady even if you have a cartilage earrings.

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