What are calendars used for? One thing, calendars are used to keep us on track with the current date. Calendars can also help remind us of certain events that have already happened as well as those that have still yet to take place.

Even with the advancement in technology and we can keep track on the date by other means such as using calendar apps, for some reason, people still prefer to use calendars that are attached to walls, placed on top of desks, or the more compact calendar cards that are placed inside wallets.

If you are one of those people who still find the more traditional forms of calendar relevant, then check out this page for an entire collection of printable calendars for the year 2018. Since we are already halfway through 2017, we figured that we might as well provide you with calendar designs for 2018 so you can enjoy your calendar all the way from January until December. Feel free to check out the various printable calendar designs below.


Printable 2016, 2017, 2018 Company Calendar Designs


Artistic Photography Desk Calendar Designs

For a desk calendar design that contains photographic images that are full of life and energy, download this one for as low as $8.00. See the world through the eyes of a skillful photographer with these desk calendar designs. The images used on these designs are taken very impressively, that you would be tempted to keep them or use them for other purposes after the year ends.


Floral 2017 to 2018 Calendar Designs

For a clean and elegant-looking calendar design that you can get for as low as $5.00, this is an ideal choice. This printable calendar makes use of a lot of white space to make it appear easy on the eyes. To prevent this design from looking dull, a pattern of flowers that appear to be done using watercolor are conveniently placed on the upper portion of the calendar.


Beautiful Scenery Printable Calendar Designs

These photorealistic calendar designs balance simplicity with artistic features with the white space on the bottom part of the design and the half-page photograph on the upper part. The upper half contains a picture of a scenery which can be changed according to your preference, while the lower half is where you can find the full 12-month calendar.


Colorful 2017 to 2020 Printable Calendar Designs

For a colorful approach to traditional printable calendars, you may download these designs. You won’t need to worry about looking for calendar designs for the subsequent years with this one since it provides you with it until the year 2020. If you choose to download this one, you will be getting four calendars for the price of one. How great is that?


Printable Creative Rainbow Vertical Calendar

If you think that being colorful isn’t enough to make your calendar stand out, then why not list down the dates for each month from top to bottom? If you prefer a more unconventional calendar design, then go ahead and download this one.


Personalized Image Printable Calendar Design


If you have an entire gallery of stock images, then why not give this wall calendar design a try? The upper portion of this design is where you will be able to personalize by using your own stock photos. Another useful feature of this design is the space provided beside each date number, which is big enough to write down personal reminders and notes. This calendar design is also an ideal choice if you plan on giving it to someone as a gift and you use their images on each page of the calendar.


Printable Multicolored Calendar Design


Calendars will never become a useless tool to people, regardless of all its digital counterparts, people still use them because for one reason, writing reminders on them is easier than having to do it digitally.

Another reason why printable calendars are still being used is because of its level of appeal. There is, without a doubt, more creativity found on printable calendars than on digital ones, which may lead to people making calendars an accessory or decoration to enhance the beauty within a home or a workplace.

You can download these calendars easily and for a reasonable fee that anyone can afford. Simply click on the download button and pay the fee to be able to own these calendar designs. Unless you want to change something from the design, you no longer need to do some editing on these calendars and just print them straight away except for the design with a personalized image. Do you think these calendar designs look good enough for you? Go ahead and start downloading one now.

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