Nature symbols have always been a huge part of design in general – primitive man, influenced by his surroundings, sought to capture the same beauty in various ways: through cave paintings, tattoos and so on. What is important to remember is that jewelry designs have followed the same trend.

While initially they – particularly necklaces – may have been made and worn as a sign of victory or conquest, they’ve evolved into accessories of fashion. And some of the most exquisites jewelry made today follow similar beauty ideals as their ancestors.Here are examples of some lovely leaf designs, for earrings:

Leaf Stud Earrings

leaf stud earrings


These pretty studs work very well in both corporate and casual environments. Pair them with a block color shirt to really make them stand out.

Beaded Leaf Earrings Design

beaded leaf earrings design


These bottle-green beaded leaf earrings are reminiscent of autumn colors – falling leaves, darkening skies and the smell of rain-soaked earth. Put these on for daily walks, a stylishly cozy curl-up with your favorite book or even a casual drive. You may also see Bullet Earrings

Super elegant, these earrings, however, come off as simple and sweet as well. While they do seem a little more on the classy, dressy side as opposed to something you can wear when just hanging out, they are surprisingly flexible on a number of outfits, so that you get to wear them more often.

Ah, why not add a little double bohemia to the mix? These pretty leaf chandelier earrings really bring out that hipster vibe you’ll need on days a pick-me-up, or any kind of change is required. Pair these with a loose top, or a caftan and you’re good to go on any kind of adventure you want!

Leaf Drop Earrings Design

leaf drop earrings design


Easy on the eyes, easier on the ears. As simple as they seem, these realistic earrings could look odd with the wrong outfit or just fade into the background with similar colors. Use block colors, especially bright ones to make them stand out.

Crystal Leaf Earrings

crystal leaf earrings

You can get this pair on Etsy. Leaf-modelled designs in silver are something timeless in themselves, as though preserving something perennial in one form forever.

Crochet Leaf Earrings Model

crochet leaf earring model


Are you brave enough to wear and own these, despite the very likely labels like ‘kitsch’ and ‘quaint’? This pair, with the bright yellow and intricate patterns, would do very well on days you want to pep up a little.

Leaf Shaped Handmade Earring

leaf shaped handmade earring


This lovely handmade piece of artisan jewelry is a pair of moonstone leaf earrings, which clash wonderfully with the fierce color of the gems by the stones. These are quite bohemian but who says only the quirky need to wear them? Add these to your wardrobe for effect when you need to stand out – but quietly.

Fallen Leaf Earrings Design

fallen leaf earrings design


Anything new is always welcome and leaves which are particularly associated with the new season of spring and the colors of autumn give off a lovely wintry vibe here.

Look at these gold-leaf earrings with pearls at the end, so delicately carved that they seem like tiny glimmering stars by themselves. The soft yet promising feel they give is symbolic of any wedding – a promise meant to last forever. You may also see Flower Earrings

Handcrafted Copper Earrings

handcrafted copper earrings


Cute Leaf Shape Diamond Studs

cute leaf shape diamond studs


Old Fashioned Metal Earrings

old fashioned metal earrings


Simple Gingko Leaf Earrings

simple gingko leaf earrings


Sterling Silver Earrings Set

sterling silver earrings set


Handmade Leather Earrings Idea

handmade leather earrings idea


Wood Work Leaf Earrings Design

wood work leaf earrings design


And there you are, some great leaf design earrings for the win! Don’t forget to send us your pictures and ideas as well. Anything inspired by nature always happen to ooze out a sense of pride, ferocity, and beauty.

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