There is a great variety available in the mandala earring designs and such a jewelry is usually favored by certain people who are looking for something different from the conventional designs, for example an Antique Earring. The symbols within the mandala design are believed to aid you in traveling to the deepest regions of your unconscious mind.

Mandalas generally have one identifiable center point, from which emanates an array of symbols, shapes and forms and it can contain both geometric and organic forms. The symbol within the mandala earrings make them very spiritual.

Crystal Mandala Earrings

crystal mandala earrings

These earrings embody the divine spirit of this age-old art form. They are made of clear polished quartz crystals what gives them a little bit of casual look. The copper and sterling silver just add an edge to this art form. The best way is to pair it with maxi dress in a bohemian style and you are ready to concur the world.

Beaded Mandala Earrings

beaded mandala earrings

Look at these gorgeous earrings made of small sized glass beads in shades of brown and gold. It represents complex mandala design. They are fine for every occasion, whatever the time of the year is. You can pair it with the jeans to the evening dress.

Crochet Mandala Earrings Design

crochet mandala earrings design

You must agree that this is the cutest one so far? If you are into some original design this is for you. It can be seen just by photo that they are made with a lot of love. The beautiful coral red color brings their beauty to a next level. Wearable at any occasion and the best is to pair them with the long dress.

Mandala Hoop Earrings

mandala hoop earrings

When we speak about hoop mandala earrings, this one is great example of tribal lotus flower, made of brass and plated in gold. They are fashioned to look old, and it is that retro look that gives them mysterious appearance.

Silver Mandala Earrings

silver mandala earrings

These Mandala earrings crafted in the form of flower would be a great gift to someone you love. A very handsome and detailed work by an artist who made them. Appropriate for a dinner with best friends. Here are Snowflake Earrings, calling for you.

Dangle Mandala Earrings

dangle mandala earrings

Emerald color is our favorite. It represents a youth and positive energy. These cute earrings are to be worshiped by many thanks to its original design and color. Three little pears are perfectly positioned to accentuate the asymmetry.

Vintage Mandala Earrings

vintage mandala earrings

Vintage appearance will never go away and it will be popular always. This design explores complex techniques and artistic fields, basically in the creation of an outstanding look to bring you the best imagery possible. Astonishing accessories and we just love it.

Mandala Lotus Earrings

mandala lotus earrings

Small Mandala Earrings

small mandala earrings

Black and Purple Mandala Earrings

black and purple mandala earrings

Mandala earring design can look very beautiful and alluring if done by person with attitude and a bit of imagination, who has the talent for bringing out the depth of a design by putting extra attention to details, just like Bead Earring. Generally speaking a mandala is a complex and abstract design that is usually circular in form. Basically, mandala in Sanskrit means circle or round form.

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