Necklaces Designs

Necklaces are the most affordable accessory that can easily make a simple outfit look fabulous. They look good with any attire and work to flatter facial features as well as make flaws less visible. A woman wearing the right necklace will draw attention towards the cleavage, fine curves of the neck and portray femininity. Whether you bought the necklace or were gifted by a loved one, people have a tendency of adding emotional value towards this accessory and associate it with an individual or a particular time in life. So it is more than a decorating piece; for most women wearing a necklace is about feeling complete. Read More

Necklaces can be grouped according to length or materials. You can choose different materials such as beads, pearls, wood, plastic, bones, glass, metals, and fabric as well long, medium or short lengths. Chokers are very popular with youths while pearls are a favorite to ladies who want to look elegant and classy. Pearls, leather, fabric and knot necklaces are perfect for complementing work outfits such as suits. For a fun casual day, you can wear a beautiful Mandala necklace with matching earrings or opt for lace, button, tribal inspired skull, trendy gothic or leaf necklace design. The trick is to ensure they complement your outfit. Bold or brightly colored necklaces can easily transform a neutral or plain outfit or mix and match with a contrasting bright colored outfit.

When you are in a dilemma on which necklace to wear, choose the one which has a pendant, so as to highlight your collarbone. Depending on the occasion opt for pendants with precious gemstones such as diamonds, malachite, sapphire or ruby which fit both formal and casual settings. Layering necklaces is the trending thing right now; it is so fun that you can even try this style with chokers. While some people can get away with layering bold statement necklace, the trick to looking stunning at all times is to layer delicate necklace pieces together.

Women wear necklaces according to the outfit they will be wearing that day. They match gemstone with the color of their outfit and choose metals that complement their skin tone. When dressed in a necklace always consider your face shape and body type. Collar lengths necklaces and chokers look good on ladies with long and slender necks. Plus size women should go for chunky statement necklaces while petite should wear pendants with thin chains.