No jewelry is more popular than pearl necklaces because they are a symbol of class, virtue and modesty. Pearls are harvested from shellfish which gives it a natural white appearance that is often seen in these attractive necklaces. They carry a reputation for elegance making them a favorite even with female celebrities and women of all ages. Whether you prefer natural or cultured pearls, in this list there are different pearl necklace designs that will flatter your neck.

Single Pearl Necklaces

Even though subtle, a single pearl necklace can make a bold statement. They feature a single pearl attached to a leather strand or metallic chain in silver or gold. These necklaces have a boho look that makes them ideal for young women.

Single Pearl Leather Necklace

single pearl leather necklace

Single White Pearl Necklace

single white pearl necklace

Leather Pearl Necklaces

You can get leather pearl necklaces in a beautiful long length. However, the choker design is what is trending this year. The simplicity of pearls and the durability of leather makes these necklaces a must have for any lady who loves to stand out.

Leather Pearl Choker Necklace

leather pearl choker necklace1


Pearl Pendant Necklaces

Do you love necklaces that have unique pendant? If the answer is yes, then get pearl pendant necklaces. They come in a chain that can reach below the collarbone or those that fall at the base of the neck.

Pearl Drop Pendant Necklace

pearl drop pendant necklace


Pearl Choker Necklaces

Buying pearl statement necklace has to be exciting adventures because you get to have an accessory that will complement both your work as well as casual outfits. For a classic work look, opt for white or cream pearls while wear colored pearls for casual events.

Pearl Choker Leather Necklace

pearl choker leather necklace


Pearl Statement Necklaces

Pearl choker necklaces are perfect for women with long slender necks. If you have a short or wide neck, avoid these types of necklaces as they will look unflattering with your neck size. For a girly look opt for pearl chokers that incorporate laces.

Vintage Pearl Necklaces

Pearls are the ideal choice for ladies who love vintage accessories. They are fashion forward and always retain their luster. Vintage pearl necklaces symbolize wealth so you can even give it to your daughter to help depict her bold personality.

Vintage Pearl Necklace for Women

vintage pearl necklace for women

Gold Pearl Necklaces

Formed by the golden lipped oyster, pearls with a golden color are rare making them unique and valuable. Gold pearl necklaces suit older women who need to depict class and elegance. Wear these necklaces to give your work attire a touch of color.

Tiny Gold Pearl Necklace

tiny gold pearl necklace


Gold Tiny Pearl Necklace

gold tiny pearl necklace

Pearl Cluster Necklaces

When it comes to choosing, pearl necklaces think outside the box. Clutter pearl necklaces have a chunky feature which will give your outfit an interesting, cute look. They often act as statement necklaces and suit all seasons.

Layered Pearl Necklaces

Layering is the modern way of wearing necklaces with style. Gone are the days when a single necklace used to look beautiful, nowadays the modern woman wears layered pearl necklaces to depict her fashion style and unique personality.

Vintage Layered Pearl Necklace

vintage layered pearl necklace


Pearl Cross Necklaces

Are you looking for a unique necklace that will clearly showcase your religious beliefs? Pearl cross necklaces have a symbolic significance as well as beauty. They are suitable for Christians or any person who believes in a higher power.

Long Pearl Cross Necklace

long pearl cross necklace


Gold Pearl Cross Necklace

gold pearl cross necklace


Silver Pearl Necklaces

Pearls have a shiny element, and when combined with silver they stand out. Silver pearl necklaces are durable, stunning and often incorporate sterling silver chain. For a feminine look opt for accessories that clearly show both the silver and pearl.

Sterling Silver Pearl Necklace

sterling silver pearl necklace

Twisted Pearl Necklaces

Twisted pearl necklaces are distinctive and add a fun element to your outfit. They are perfect for toning down a formal outfit or for enhancing the look of casual clothes. Pair this necklace with a little black dress when attending cocktail parties. You may also See Infinity Necklace Designs

Flower Twisted Pearl Necklace

flower twisted pearl necklace

Bridal Pearl Necklaces

Pearl necklaces are a symbol of romance hence pairing them with your wedding dress will make you the center of attention. Pure white bridal pearl necklaces complement all wedding themes.

Flower Bridal Pearl Necklace

flower bridal pearl necklace

Heart Pearl Necklaces

Heart pearl necklaces tend to integrate either a love pendant or pearls shaped in a love symbol. They are an epitome of romance making them suitable as anniversary and birthday gifts. Pair this necklace with a red prom strapless dress.

Gold Heart Pearl Necklace

gold heart pearl necklace

Floating Pearl Necklaces

Floating pearls necklaces are ideal for ladies who prefer non-traditional jewelry. The pearls are separated and spread throughout the strand giving them an illusion of floating mid-air or hanging off the neckline.

Floating Black Pearl Necklace

floating black pearl necklace


Pearl Importance and Trends

Pearl necklace will always be stylish and depict elegance on women of any age. You can find these necklaces as trendy chokers or classic multiple strands.

Pearl necklaces are very diverse and versatile. They suit modern women who love vintage style. You can choose from a princess-length which lies below the neck or a bib pearl necklace design which has several pearl strands. Whatever pearl necklace you want, its deep shine will ensure you look attractive.

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