Malachite, the name sounds familiar but not many of us know what exactly it means or what it is. Well, to start with while shopping for accessories, you might have noticed many necklace designs with green beads or sometimes a pendant with a green stone. Those stones are nothing but Malachite. Malachite’s are bright colored mineral and mainly consists of hydrated carbon carbonate. Well, let’s not really get into the chemistry behind the formation of the stone and stick to the fact of how meticulously radiating this stone looks. There are many Malachite Necklace Designs and we have jotted down ten most beautiful ones for you. You will love it, want to own and even wear it quite often. Let’s take a look at some of them. You may also See Sapphire Necklace Designs

Vintage Malachite Necklace

vintage malachite necklace

The Malachite Necklace was quite famous in the 1960’s. Most women wore it as a sign of elegance and the tradition has carried on since. The necklace still looks chic and classy. And this fine piece of necklace is a vintage piece that can be a perfect prom necklace or even to wear over a beautiful black gown.

Malachite Pendant Necklace

malachite pendant necklace

The Malachite Pendant is not only different and appealing to look but also gives away a sure sense of elegance. The vintage look of the pendant set with the beautiful golden chain makes for a perfect look. You could wear this over a casual dress or even a pretty evening gown. You may also See Lace Necklace Designs

Malachite Crystal Necklace

malachite crystal necklace

This is a modern day jewelry where the Malachite design is set in a crystal and wrapped with a well designed metal. This is a very simple design but of great visual appeal. The leather chain support gives it a casual feels which makes it easy to carry off as a casual  wear too.

Malachite Chip Necklace

malachite chip necklace

A combination of two precious stones has to result in a great piece of DIY necklace. In this Malachite design necklace, the pearls are complementing the malachite extremely well and together they look marvelous. The choker necklace reminds you of a 70’s actress.

A pretty gown always does it in a ball but not unless it is complemented with an equally pretty necklace. The two layers of beads supported by multiple strings make the design look splendid. When it drops down on your dress, all eyes are going to turn only at you.

Malachite Gemstone Necklace

malachite gemstone necklace

However simple your chain is, even a smallest of the small Malachite gemstone will make your design look more than simple.

Handmade Malachite Necklace

handmade malachite necklace

The best part about handmade necklaces like this one is that it is made with a personal touch of perfection. There is so much intricate work involved in it and is unique in every way.

Men’s Malachite Necklace

mens malachite necklace

For the men, we have a simpler and more macho looking design. These malachite beads are added only in one stretch so that it doesn’t get too loud and still looks stunning.

Natural Malachite Gemstone Necklace

natural malachite gemstone necklace

Amazing Malachite Necklace

amazing malachite necklace

Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

sterling silver pendant necklace

Modern Malachite Necklace Design

modern malachite necklace design

Heart Malachite Necklace

heart malachite necklace

Malachite Necklaces are very pleasing to the eyes, it maybe because of the color of the stone or in some of the cases how well it has been designed. After looking at these, you might definitely want to buy one and flaunt it away.

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