Cross necklace designs open up a range of possibilities for different styles and designs of necklaces to suit your needs and preferences. Whether you would like to buy a cross necklace in order to show and celebrate your religious believes, or you want a new piece of statement jewelry, there is sure to be a design and style that will suit you perfectly. This article has put together some of the most beautiful cross necklace designs to help you find the option that is right for you, or the option that will make the perfect gift for a loved one.

Gold Cross Necklace Designs

Gold cross necklaces are traditional necklaces that are traditionally used as a symbol of the Christian religion. They are usually simple and modest and used to celebrate the Christian faith.

Gold Choker Cross Necklace

gold choker cross necklace

Diamond Cross Necklace Designs

Diamond cross necklace designs are a more delicate cross design that adds an embellishment to the traditional cross design with a small diamond. These designs can be made much more extravagant by adding numerous diamonds.

Mens Diamond Cross Necklace Design

mens diamond cross necklace design

Beaded Cross Necklace Designs

Beaded cross necklace designs is usually in the design of a Roman Catholic rosary bead that is used in prayer. Other options include carved wooden beads and crosses. You may also See Fabric Necklace Designs

White Beaded Cross Necklace

white beaded cross necklace1


Long Beaded Cross Necklace

long beaded cross necklace


Sideways Cross Necklaces

Sideways cross necklaces are used by young teenagers for a more edgy necklace design that derives from the traditional cross design. These designs symbolize a certain amount of rebellion.

Small Sideways Cross Necklace

small sideways cross necklace

Gold Sideways Cross Necklace

gold sideways cross necklace


Wooden Cross Necklaces

Wooden cross necklaces are a traditional and usually, hand carved design of wooden cross necklace to symbolize the cross the symbolic religious aspect of the Christian faith.

Catholic Wooden Cross Necklace

catholic wooden cross necklace

Celtic Cross Necklace Designs

Celtic cross necklace designs hark back to the traditions of the Irish Christian faith and are a symbol of the country’s vast heritage. These necklaces are usually made from silver or gold and have a very intricate design.

Women’s Celtic Cross Necklace Design

womens celtic cross necklace design


Silver Cross Necklace Trends

Silver cross necklace trends varies greatly across different age ranges. Many younger people like more eccentric cross trends, where as older women and men prefer a more subtle and simple silver cross necklace design.

Sterling Silver Cross Necklace

sterling silver cross necklace

Cross Pendant Necklaces

Cross pendant necklace designs are usually much larger and bulkier than the more subtle and traditional options for a cross necklace design. These designs are typically popular with young people as they make a bold statement.

Diamond Cross Pendant Necklace

diamond cross pendant necklace


Leather Cross Necklace Designs

Leather cross necklace designs are very traditional crosses with a leather strap as the necklace chain. These designs are more suited towards males and are suitable for a range of different ages. You may also See Knot Necklace Designs

Men’s Leather Cross Necklace Design

mens leather cross necklace design


Gothic Cross Necklaces

Gothic cross necklaces are very intricately designed and create a very eerie and gothic style to the person’s outfit. These necklace designs are very popular with those who collect old jewelry or those who enjoy wearing gothic fashion.

Black Gothic Cross Necklace

black gothic cross necklace

Crystal Cross Necklaces

Crystal cross necklace designs are very elegant and lavish. They are usually a carved crystal cross with a simple chain, and give a very tasteful finish to any outfit whilst still offering the celebration and pride of bearing your religion.

Crystal Cross Pendant Necklace

crystal cross pendant necklace1


Vintage Cross Necklace Designs

Vintage cross necklace designs are a very traditional carved pendant design from wood or ivory. However, there are also ceramic and jeweled options available. These necklaces are beautiful for collectors.

Women’s Vintage Cross Necklace Design

womens vintage cross necklace design


Wire Wrapped Cross Necklaces

Wire wrapped cross necklace designs use wire wrapped around the cross in order to create a bolder and almost fiercer design on the necklace. These necklace designs are typically not associated with religion and are simply a piece of statement jewelry. You may also See Mandala Necklace Designs

Layered Cross Necklaces

Layered cross necklaces are a layered design of a number of different crosses in order to create a 3D effect, or a more detailed and intricate design. They come in many themes and can make a beautiful piece of jewelry for all ages, both male and female.

Stone Cross Necklace Designs

Stone cross necklaces are created from carved stone. These necklaces are very traditional and can be of any size and design, making them very personal as a gift, or to celebrate and take pride in your religion.

Blue Stone Cross Necklace Design

blue stone cross necklace design

The most popular styles of cross necklace designs are usually silver or gold necklaces, as these are much more respectful if the necklace is being used as a religious symbol. We hope that this article has helped you to find the best option for you or your loved one.

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