That one piece of jewellery that we all have seen on one actress or the other at one one point in time. Anchor jewellery is not just for the pretty, it has a deep meaning to it as well. Anchors are seen as a symbol of strength as they hold down the biggest of the ships in the stormiest conditions and make for an equally bold fashion statement. Here are few wonderful anchor jewellery designs that might catch your eye:

  1. Tropical Jewelry Designs
  2. Zodiac Jewelry Designs

Anchor Cross Jewelry

anchor cross jewelry

Nothing better than piety and strength coming together, is there? An anchor, which symbolises stability, and the Cross, reflecting your religious beliefs, is the perfect piece of jewellery for the head-strong ladies out there.

Vintage Anchor Jewelry Design

vintage anchor jewelry design

Anchors, as ancient as its history is, are best made into vintage designs which look very rustic and exquisite as well. Besides, it also makes for an astounding piece of jewellery that can adorn and elevate your special outfits.

Anchor Pendant Jewelry

anchor pendant jewelry

The youth nowadays loves to wear chunky jewellery that can be layered with other pieces of jewellery that complement and add to each other. If you have an affinity for the deep blue sea, this is THE one to go with.

Stone Anchor Jewelry

stone anchor jewelry

Bring back the essence of Titanic with this exclusive piece of Jewellery with a turquoise stone proudly embedded on it. Ditch the ordinary wooden jewellery or metal jewellery and opt for something that is impeccably beautiful and meaningful.

Anchor Pearl Jewelry

anchor pearl jewelry

Pearls and anchors both are deep-rooted to the vast waters. The pearl, premier in itself, adds that tinge of elegance to this beautifully crafted neckpiece suitable to be worn with a beautiful, flowing black gown.

Personalized Anchor Jewelry

personalized anchor jewelry

For something more personal, opt for a personalised piece of anchor design jewellery. For instance, you can give this to your guests as a return gift, or to your bridesmaids as well with individual initials of their names on it.

Wire Wrapped Anchor Jewelry

wire wrapped anchor jewelry

Wire wrapped jewellery is huge in the market right now. So why not combine our two most favourite jewellery designs in one spectacular necklace? You can DIY for your best friend’s birthday or buy one that is more sophisticated and make Mother’s Day extra-special for her.

Blue Anchor Jewelry Design

blue anchor jewelry design

Sea lovers and water babies, this one is definitely made for you. Designed in a way that encapsulates one’s attention instantly, this necklace is all about detail. Team it with your bikini on your beach vacation and see heads turn!

Anchor Heart Jewelry

anchor heart jewelry

You’ve loved heart designs on mosaic Jewellery, now time to give the anchor heart jewellery a shot. The anchor heart jewellery is all about stability, love and strength. The sterling silver makes it even more eye-grabbing. Your everyday jeans and t-shirt won’t be as dull any more.

Metal Anchor Jewelry

metal anchor jewelry

Tiny Anchor Jewelry Necklace

tiny anchor jewelry necklace

Nautical Anchor Charm Pendant

nautical anchor charm pendant

Gold Tone Crystal Anchor Jewelry

gold tone crystal anchor jewelry

As minimalistic as the zodiac Jewellery or as vibrant as the tropical Jewellery, anchor Jewellery designs can be both. To jazz up your everyday casual t-shirt or even to complement an exclusive outfit, anchor jewellery can be worn to both ends. They come in a variety of designs and on silver, platinum, gold as well as metal.

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