Necklaces draw attention towards the neck area and face. This accessory comes in different lengths, size and style that blend with the current trend. Necklace designs are also available in diverse colors to complement different skin tones. While men tend to go for shorter necklaces, women prefer long or choker designs. Whatever length a person chooses, all necklaces work to complement outfits. So, it is important to experiment with different designs and find necklaces that blend with your wardrobe.

Pearl Necklace Designs

Whether worn as a single long chain or layered, pearl necklace designs are a symbol of elegance and timelessness. They exude a confidence image in a workplace and sophistication when paired with a curve hugging dress. Collar length will look amazing with plunging necklines while the opera pearl design shows a flirty image.

Traditional Pearl Necklace Design

traditional pearl necklace design

Coral and Pearl Necklace Design

coral and pearl necklace design


Single Pearl Necklace Design

single pearl necklace design

Beaded Necklace Designs

Beaded necklaces have been a favorite for women since ancient times. Modern artists incorporate beads with seeds, glass, crystal, and clay materials to create designs that are not only stunning but also complement other accessories. When wearing a turtle neck opt to add a long beaded necklace.

Handmade Beaded Necklace Design

handmade beaded necklace design

Multi Strand Beaded Necklace Design

multi strand beaded necklace design


Seed Bead Necklace Design

seed bead necklace design


Chain Necklace Designs

Chain necklace designs are ideal for men and women who need to give their outfit an edge. They come in a variety of styles, but those in silver and gold are the popular ones. Go for thick chains when wearing an open color blouse, t-shirt or a formal shirt.

Ball Chain Necklace Design

ball chain necklace design


Silver Chain Necklace Design

silver chain necklace design


Ruby Necklace Designs

Women are always attracted to precious stones, and ruby necklace designs are a favorite of many. This gemstone is linked with astrological benefits and has a sparkly red sheen that symbolizes passion. A ruby necklace shows happiness, good luck and is suitable for ladies whose birthdays are in July.

Ruby Drops Necklace Design

ruby drops necklace design


Turquoise Necklace Designs

Turquoise necklace designs feature bold greenish blue color that makes the neck stand out from a crowd. It’s the ideal statement necklace for attending special occasions such as a wedding, evening date, and prom. Since the color is vibrant, for a workplace opt to style with nude or subdued attire.

Turquoise Statement Necklace Design

turquoise statement necklace design


Turquoise Pendant Necklace Design

turquoise pendant necklace design

Turquoise Bib Necklace Design

turquoise bib necklace design


Diamond Necklace Designs

Diamond necklace designs add a shiny element to your outfit so it will complement all colors. Diamond necklaces in a white gold setting favor fair skin tone or pale skins while yellow gold will flatter tanned skin. Avoid wearing diamond designs with printed graphics and petite ladies should also not wear chunky diamond necklaces.

Diamond String Necklace Design

diamond string necklace design


Diamond Anchor Necklace Design

diamond anchor necklace design

Wire Necklace Designs

Wire necklace designs incorporate other materials such as glass and beads. The wire can be in form of copper, sterling silver, tiger tail, aluminum and iron. Thick wire necklaces are for making a fashion statement while thin ones portray a feminine and subtle image that best suits outfits with a floral pattern.

Barbed Wire Necklace design

barbed wire necklace design


Wire Wrap Necklace Design

wire wrap necklace design


Long Necklace Designs

Long necklace designs are mostly worn by women and tend to feature eye-catching pendants. They can be long enough to reach the waist depending on the length that an individual prefers. These necklaces flatter small women since they create an illusion of a longer silhouette. They are made from materials such leather or beads.

Gold Necklace Designs

When talking about gold necklace designs, most people tend to imagine the yellow gold. However, there are different colors of gold such as white, green and rose gold. Whatever color you choose, make gold necklaces the focal point by wearing a strapless garment or a simple black cocktail dress.

Rose Gold Necklace Design

rose gold necklace design


White Gold Necklace Design

white gold necklace design


Monogram Gold Necklace Design

monogram gold necklace design

Antique Necklace Designs

Girls love to use jewelry to enhance their beauty, and there is nothing wrong with having different designs. Antique necklace designs complement the black dress, and you can even pair two chains to give your outfit a whole new fresh look. Go for those with unique pendants such as lockets, keys, and floral patterns.

Antique Gold Necklace Design

antique gold necklace design


Antique Rhinestone Necklace Design

antique rhinestone necklace design


Crystal Necklace Designs

Crystal necklace designs are fabulous and have a dazzling appearance that will make any girl stand out. They come in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes such as heart, circular or diamond. They are a symbol of style, class and help make a statement. Spiritual individuals can opt for crystal necklaces with healing energies.

Crystal Statement Necklace Design

crystal statement necklace design


Crystal Butterfly Necklace Design

crystal butterfly necklace design

Stone Necklace Designs

Stones can be strung on a wire or chain to form necklaces that are unique and express an individual’s personality. Most artisans combine multiple stones to create a color combination that will make the wearer beautiful. Wear vibrant stone necklace designs on top of your dress for casual dates.

Amber Stone Necklace Design

amber stone necklace design


Jade Necklace Designs

Jade necklace designs symbolize good health, prosperity, wisdom, and peace. While the standard color of jade is green, there are other colors such as blue, black, brown, orange, purple, white and yellow which have different spiritual meanings. Black jade is associated with warding off negative emotions and lavender jade boosts spiritual growth.

Jade Statement Necklace Design

jade statement necklace design


Solitaire Necklace Designs

Whether big or small, solitaire necklaces are stunning. They make a perfect anniversary or birthday gifts, and you can wear them every day, and you will still look attractive. The white color tends to complement all outfits while colored ones such as yellow and pink can help portray an individual’s character.

Diamond Solitaire Necklace Design

diamond solitaire necklace design1

Choker Necklace Designs

Choker necklace designs tend to feature small charms or precious gems that further help this accessory to make a fashion statement. They fit perfectly on the neck hence favor girls with long slender necks. Women with large necks should avoid wearing this type of necklace while those with wide neck should go for wide chokers.

Leather Choker Necklace Design

leather choker necklace design


Lace Choker Necklace Design

lace choker necklace design

Snake Choker Necklace Design

snake choker necklace design

Polki Necklace Designs

Polki necklace designs are for ladies who prefer jewelry with a deep heritage or those they can pass down to their children. This type of necklaces takes a lot of time, passion, creativity and combines natural uncut diamonds. It is suitable for weddings with a traditional theme or anniversary occasion.

Wedding Necklace Designs

Wedding necklace designs feature feminine and soft charms that will make your gown look fabulous. Brides with a daring character can go for shoulder necklaces especially when wearing strapless dresses. Traditional brides can opt to wear Polki necklace design to show their heritage or love for Indian cultures.

Crystal Wedding Necklace

crystal wedding necklace

Sapphire Wedding Necklace Design

sapphire wedding necklace design


Wedding Diamond Necklace Design

wedding diamond necklace design


Asymmetrical Necklace Designs

Asymmetrical necklace designs portray a fun, daring and friendly character. These necklaces pair well with symmetrical necklines so go for a shade that matches with most of your outfits. Choose those with a perfect weight balance to ensure it lays at the center of the neck. Match with a plain white t-shirt and jeans.

Asymmetrical Beaded Necklace Design

asymmetrical beaded necklace design


Small Necklace Designs

Small necklace designs will flatter petite women. However, ladies with other body types can still wear these necklaces in a formal setting. Small necklaces that incorporate precious stones or metals match with evening gowns hence the chain should rest a few inches below the neckline. For a cool image match the necklace color to your outfit.

Small Circle Necklace Design

small circle necklace design

Small Pearl Necklace Design

small pearl necklace design1

Emerald Necklace Designs

Emerald necklace designs feature a green gemstone which is the color of life, nature, and immortality. It looks good on every skin tones, hair color and tends to draw attention towards beautiful facial features such as jawline, eyes or lips. If you need to focus less on your bosom, then opt for emerald designs in collar length.

Emerald Drops Necklace Design

emerald drops necklace design


Emerald Key Necklace Design

emerald key necklace design

Necklaces play a significant role in making the neck stand out. While long necklaces are timeless, choker designs are the new trends that are popular with the young generation. They complement all outfits and are suitable for girls with long yet slender necks. Pearl, gold and vintage necklaces tend to work with all outfits and come in different chain lengths to flatter all neck sizes. Go for shapes that flatter your face, bust and height.

Necklace designs come in different styles and sizes. However, when it comes to color go for necklaces with colors that complement most of your outfit. For special occasions go for necklaces with precious stones such as diamond and rubies. Whatever necklace designs you choose to wear ensure it makes you feel confident and beautiful.

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