Wooden Jewelry is always known for its beautiful and natural looks. These handcrafted pieces of jewelry will suit any woman irrespective of age. Each and every piece of jewelry is unique and has its own style. As each wooden necklace is unique they are statement necklaces.These beautiful wooden necklaces go well with any kind of outfit whether it is ethnic, formal or casual. They can add style and can turn a simple outfit or casual dress into something special.

This beautiful black, orange and natural wood color beads necklace with a wooden pendant colorfully hand painted is a statement necklace. This statement necklace goes well with tees and jeans as well as a designer dress. This wooden beads necklace can be worn by a young girl of 10 years or a grandma of 90 years.

Handmade Wooden Jewelry Idea

handmade wooden jewelry idea


This beautiful wooden necklace with small wooden beads in brown and a crucifix pendant make this a necklace very special one. This suits everyone and goes well with any outfit.

This beautiful wooden necklace with big wooden brown beads and a metal pendant is a statement necklace. This wooden beads necklace is bold and speaks volumes. This wooden beads necklace can be worn by men or women of any age.

Geometric Wood Jewelry Model

geometric wood jewelry model

This statement necklace with gray and mustard geometric wooden beads strung on a black waxed cord is a fun necklace. This colorful necklace can be worn by any girl or woman. This bright necklace will bring color to any plain outfits and accentuates the outfit.

Olive Wood Jewelry

olive wood jewelry


This beautiful wooden necklace made from pieces of wood shaped in order and colorfully painted in browns attached with a metal chain is a statement necklace. This necklace can be worn college girls to a prom party or by any woman or girl to add up to the outfit.

Wood Jewelry for Men

wood jewelry for men


Men wearing wooden jewelry is in style now. This simple wooden pendant with natural varnish and a simple metal chain is a statement jewelry.

Wooden Gauge Jewelry Design

wooden gauge jewelry design

These beautifully handcrafted wooden earrings are a beauty to look at. They definitely make any girl or any woman beautiful. These beautiful earrings are statement jewelry and can make any outfit look elegant.

Ethnic Wood Jewelry

ethnic wood jewelry


This beautifully handcrafted wooden necklace in blue and yellow tiger’s eyes with vintage wooden beads is a statement necklace for sure. This ethnic wooden jewelry can be worn to a party or any other occasion and make everyone go green with jealousy. You may also See Peridot Jewelry Designs

Pattern Wooden Jewelry

plan wooden jewelry


Beaded Wooden Jewelry

natural wood jewelry

Wooden Bead Ribbion Necklace

wooden bead bib necklace


Wooden Earrings Design

wooden earrings design


Beaded Love Shape Wooden Jewelry

beaded love wooden jewelry


Modern Wooden Pendant Jewelry

modern wooden pendant jewelry


Wooden Heart Pendant Necklace

wooden heart pendant necklace

Leaf Wooden Jewelry

leaf wooden jewelry


These beautiful wooden necklace and earrings are all handmade and the love is felt in all these pieces of jewelry. Each piece of jewelry is unique and has its own style and beauty. The necklaces are choker necklaces which can go well with any outfit.

Colorful Wooden Jewelry Necklace

colorful wooden jewelry necklace


Handmade Wooden Ring Jewelry

handmade wooden ring jewelry


The specialty of the wooden jewelry is the craftsmanship that goes in making this jewelry. That is the reason why wooden jewelry can also be called sculptural jewelry. The different shape of beads like cubes etc. make these jewelry geometric jewelry.

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