Eco friendly jewelry designs are great for people who understand and appreciate the environment. Eco friendly jewelry can be of various types, from simple to intricate. Eco friendly jewelry has its own charm and gives you an assurance that the environment is not exploited. Paper jewelry is a very popular type of eco friendly jewelry. Wooden jewelry is also a great style statement. Here are 20 eco friendly jewelry designs that you can try.

This handmade eco friendly jewelry is made of recycled newspaper and ecological varnish. This is a fabulous anniversary gift. Click this link to know more. You may also see Butterfly Jewelry Designs

Eco Friendly Silver Necklace

eco friendly silver necklace

This eco friendly silver necklace is simple and comfortable to wear. It features a circle shape made of precious metal clay. The sterling silver chain measures 17 inches from end to end. Visit this link to purchase.

Eco Friendly Men’s Bracelet

eco friendly mens bracelet

This eco friendly men’s bracelet is made of brown faux leather and features a silver plated lobster clasp. This is comfortable bracelet for any occasion. Follow the link to find out more.

Vintage Eco Friendly Pendant

vintage eco friendly pendant

This vintage eco friendly pendant features an ethnic pattern on natural white clay. The emerald green glass on the pendant flickers in the light. Check out this link to purchase.

Eco Friendly Chunky Necklace

eco friendly chunky necklace

This eco friendly chunky necklace features tagua beads, made using tagua nuts from Ecuador. The orange beads are complimented by the blue ones. Click this link to buy the necklace.

Eco-Friendly Paper Jewelry

eco friendly paper jewelry

This eco friendly paper jewelry is made using environmentally friendly paper. The pictures are printed on the paper. Follow this link to get more details.

Colorful Eco Friendly Earrings

colorful eco friendly earrings

These colorful eco friendly earrings are made from small slices of tagua nut. The tagua nuts are dyed in bright colors. Visit this link to find out more.

Wedding Eco Friendly Necklace

wedding eco friendly necklace

This wedding eco friendly necklace features handmade tagua flowers and ivory white tagua beads. The necklace measures 29 inches long and closes with a sliding clasp. Click this link to learn more about this wedding jewlry.

Cool Eco Friendly Earrings

cool eco friendly earrings

These cool eco friendly earrings are made of recycled materials. These earrings look simple and sophisticated. Follow the link to buy these earrings. You may also see Nature Inspired Jewelry Designs

Eco Friendly Bib Necklace

eco friendly bib necklace

Orange Drop Eco Friendly Earrings

orange drop eco friendly earrings

Eco Friendly Beaded Necklace

eco friendly beaded necklace

Eco Friendly Hoop Earrings

eco friendly hoop earrings

Plastic Beads Eco Friendly Necklace

plastic beads eco friendly necklace

Black Eco Friendly Jewelry

black eco friendly jewelry

Beautiful Eco Friendly Bracelet

beautiful eco friendly bracelet

Unique Eco Friendly Dangle Earrings

unique eco friendly dangle earrings

Geometric Eco Friendly Bracelet

geometric eco friendly bracelet

These were some noteworthy eco friendly jewelry designs. The choices of eco friendly jewelry are plenty and made of different materials. Tropical jewelry is a popular trend that is available in eco friendly materials. Go through the design and select a jewelry that compliments your look.

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