Jewelry Designs and Ideas

Jewelry has always been a representative of social status and a symbol of femininity. As a universal means of adornment, jewelry designing has always evolved with human civilizations. Excavations at various archeological sites and ancient texts reveal that jewelry designing started from prehistoric times, when jewelry made from stones and shells were worn to mark social ranks and for self protection. However, this became a fully fledged industry after man invented metals and started working on them. Over the ages, the techniques of metal work has become more and more sophisticated and our adornments more intricate. Read More

A look back in history

The historical itinerary of jewelry designs have been understood from sculptures, mosaics, wall paintings and scrolls. However, archeological initiatives are also adding enormous testimony to the art. For prehistoric men, jewelry came long before they would use clothes to cover up. Before the discovery of precious metals and gemstones, it were colorful pebbles, shells, fish bones, reindeer antlers, bird feathers and animal skin that sufficed the need. The use of jewelry too multiplied until there was ornamentation for every body part – nose rings, ear rings, combs, hairpins, tiaras, diadems, earplugs, crowns, necklaces, stomach belts, brooches, anklets, watch fobs, bracelets, shoe buckles, coat buttons, etc.

Every civilization including from Sumerian, Egyptian, Aegean, Etruscan, Phoenician, Greek, Roman, Harappan and every culture including Islam, Teutonic, Zoroastrian, Chinese, Hinduism, Catholic, etc used jewelry as an important part of their lifestyle. With the discovery of precious metals like gold and silver and gems like Diamond, Sapphire, etc, the importance and charm of jewelry design further skyrocketed and is today a trillion dollar (or more) industry.

Jewelry design in modern times

Today, Bulgari, Tiffany & Co, and Harry Winston are big names in jewelry designing. The moment you are about to open a box, you already know that there’s something stunning inside. Jewelry today, acts as a stamen of personality, more than a means to showcase the rank, religion, political beliefs or wealth. The desire to look beautiful however remains a common aim since ages. By the year 2020, the jewelry design industry is expected to be earning revenue more than €250 billion. The consumer’s appetite for jewelry is growing and internationalization of brands has had a strong effect on the competition in the market. Jewelry designing has been a crucial part of the fashion industry, entertainment industry, art fraternity and common living.

Jewelry for you

With new designers coming up with unique pieces every often, it certainly becomes a problem of choice when it comes to jewelry. When trying to get you the right piece, there are several factors to consider. For most of us, the primary facto becomes the budget while lifestyle needs become a secondary consideration. Again, to provoke the personality, jewelry designs also need to be complicated by the right type of clothing and wardrobe. For both men and women, jewelry is a luxury that needs constant upgrades. The best place to learn about the modern trends and follow what others are wearing is the internet. Therein, you also get great ideas to compliment your form.