The best way to make your outfit stand out is to add a statement jewelry. From chunky bracelets, cute earrings to bold necklaces, jewelry designs come in all shape and size. The beauty with accessories is that you can wear one in formal or casual events in a style that complements your attire and portray a unique fashion sense. Wearing many pieces of jewelry will make you look sloppy. So pair jewelry designs that complement each other and make one piece the focal point.

Wire Jewelry Designs

Wire jewelry designs are made by wrapping beads, glass, pearls, stones or other dazzling elements using a strong and durable yarn. Most of the wire jewelry is handmade, so you are assured you are wearing a unique accessory made to suit your preference. Those that feature vibrant colors are best suited for casual events.

Bead Wire Jewelry Design

bead wire jewelry design


Crochet Wire Jewelry Design

crochet wire jewelry design

3D Jewelry Designs

3D technology has made it possible for artists to come up with jewelry designs that are unique and practical. You can get 3D jewelry design in metals such as gold, silver, brass and copper with different finishing options. If your skin reacts with metal, you can get stunning 3D accessories made using ceramics or rubber.

3d Printed

Handmade Jewelry Designs

If you prefer to wear, unique accessories made to enhance beauty, then go for handcrafted jewelry design. Most of them are usually made from environment- friendly and high-quality materials such as leather, silver and precious stones. Wear bright handmade accessories with neutral outfits and use one piece to be the center of attention.

Handmade Beaded Jewelry Design Idea

handmade beaded jewelry design idea

Pearl Jewelry Designs

Wearing pearl jewelry designs will make you look elegant and chic. Pearls are timeless and will always remain trendy. Suitable for all ages, you can wear a pearl jewelry design to a date when you need to look sophisticated or with a work outfit to give it an edge.

Bridal Pearl

Black Pearl Jewelry Design

black pearl jewelry design

Vintage Pearl Jewelry Design

vintage pearl jewelry design


Beaded Jewelry Designs

Beaded jewelry designs are one of the most popular and timeless trends in the fashion world. Available in different lengths, this design also comes in various colors to complement your outfit. Wear long beaded necklaces with dresses or skinny jeans and pair short beaded designs with formal attire.

Glass Bead Jewelry Design

glass bead jewelry design


Beaded Wedding Jewelry Design

beaded wedding jewelry design


Mens Jewelry Designs

From skull rings to beaded bracelets, men wear jewelry to enhance their outfit and express their personality. Men’s jewelry design feature precious stones, bones, shells and rustic metal materials which emphasize masculine traits. Most men go for subtle pieces in gold or silver while designs that have a cutting edge are for dramatic individuals.

Men’s Leather Jewelry

mens leather jewelry


Turquoise Jewelry Designs

Turquoise jewelry even though elegant it is synonymous with the hippie culture. Since the color of this stone is bold and attractive pair it with a neutral outfit. For a work environment wear turquoise jewelry design with black or white garments. To bring excitement to casual outfits wear a contrasting color.

Turquoise and Coral Jewelry Design

turquoise and coral jewelry design

Urban Jewelry Designs

Urban jewelry designs are attractive because of their creativity and how they quickly make a statement on their own. Urban jewelry design for men such as necklaces features simple, precious stones with long and heavy chains which can be layered with other shorter ones. Women tend to go for thin yet bold jewelry.

Urban Bling Jewelry Design

urban bling jewelry design


Urban Gypsy Jewelry Design

urban gypsy jewelry design

Urban Lace Jewelry

urban lace jewelry


Vintage Jewelry Designs

Girls love jewelry and it is hard for them to leave the house without wearing even one piece. Vintage jewelry design works well with black dresses, and you can even add a large sparkly brooch on your jacket or to hold a scarf in place. Go for classic vintage pieces and keep your whole look simple.

Vintage Rhinestone Jewelry Design

vintage rhinestone jewelry design

Vintage Avon Jewelry

vintage avon jewelry


Vintage Wedding Jewelry Design

vintage wedding jewelry design


Sea Glass Jewelry Designs

Sea glass jewelry design is popular with bracelets which can be worn by men and women. Formed in the sea, this colorful piece of glass is polished and formed from soft waves of the beaches. The smooth finish makes it perfect for pendants and earrings.

Wire Wrapped Sea Glass Jewelry

Unique Sea Glass Jewelry Design

unique sea glass jewelry design


Celtic Design Jewelry

Celtic jewelry designs are great for people who prefer accessories with a deep cultural history and tradition. It can be handed down from one generation to another and features different elements, knots, and interlaced patterns. The Claddagh ring is a symbol of eternal love while the Celtic cross pendant signifies faith.

Celtic Knot Jewelry Design

celtic knot jewelry design

Silver Celtic Jewelry Design

silver celtic jewelry design


Quilling Jewelry Designs

Quilling jewelry design is made by rolling colored strips of paper into coils to create a beautiful pattern. This type of jewelry is perfect for ladies who love customized accessories such as earrings. By wearing quilling jewelry you will be comfortable, unique and still make a fashion statement.

Paper Quilling Jewelry Design

paper quilling jewelry design1


Quilling Christmas Jewelry

quilling christmas jewelry


Aztec Jewelry Designs

If you love accessories with a powerful symbolic meaning, then Aztec jewelry designs are ideal for you. Aztec jewelry design obtains its inspirations from the ancient Mexico culture using natural materials such as wood, opal, moonstone, shells, clay, feathers and rocks. Featuring charms or pendants, this jewelry is for guys and girls.

Mens Aztec Jewelry Design

mens aztec jewelry design

Aztec Calendar Jewelry Design

aztec calendar jewelry design


Tropical Jewelry Design

Tropical jewelry design incorporates vibrant colors which will make you look like you are on a vacation. Elegant and attractive, this design features exotic and beach themes. Suitable for people going on holiday or to the beach, wear tropical jewelry designs when you need to look dazzling in summer or to add color to your outfit.

Tropical Topaz Jewelry Design

tropical topaz jewelry design

Dragonfly Jewelry Designs

Did you know that you can wear jewelry with symbolic meanings? The dragonfly jewelry design carries a symbolic meaning of transformation, joy, and peace. You can get dragon symbols in necklaces, bracelets, anklets and earrings. By wearing this design with your casual clothes, you will look chic and show your love for nature.

Antique Dragonfly Jewelry Design

antique dragonfly jewelry design

Silver Dragonfly Jewelry Design

silver dragonfly jewelry design


Dragonfly Wings Jewelry

dragonfly wings jewelry


Wedding Jewelry Designs

While a wedding gown will make you stand out, adding jewelry that complements your dress will make your special day memorable. White dress blends well with pearls rose gold and platinum jewelry designs. A strapless gown will look perfect with crystal jewelry design while V-necks go well with simple pendants or pearls.

Gold Wedding Jewelry Design

gold wedding jewelry design

Wedding Party Jewelry

wedding party jewelry


Simple Wedding Jewelry Design

simple wedding jewelry design


Wooden Jewelry Designs

Suitable for people who prefer eco-friendly accessories; wooden jewelry design is great for summer and spring. Match the wood color to your dress. For a 70s inspiring look, go for wooden jewelry in pastel colors and match it with a floral dress to show a playful and creative personality.

Handmade Wooden Jewelry Design

handmade wooden jewelry design

Wooden Bead Jewelry Idea

wooden bead jewelry idea


Wooden Owl Jewelry Design

wooden owl jewelry design


Mosaic Jewelry Designs

Mosaic jewelry design features glass and ceramics in colored patterns. You can wear mosaic designs to express your mood and style. Individuals with a fun personality can opt for designs with small charms to depict their character. This jewelry will lighten up your spirits and make you the center of attention.

Firefly Mosaic Jewelry Design

firefly mosaic jewelry design


Eggshell Mosaic Jewelry

eggshell mosaic jewelry


Steampunk Jewelry Designs

It is without a doubt that wearing unique steampunk jewelry designs gives off a retro vibe combined with a futuristic look. This design features gears, cogs, wings, and crystals. From locket pendants, skull rings and butterfly bracelets, steampunk jewelry design will delight you and give you compliments from anyone who sees it.

Steampunk Butterfly Jewelry

steampunk butterfly jewelry


Victorian Steampunk Jewelry Design

victorian steampunk jewelry design


Skull Jewelry Designs

People who admire gothic lifestyle can embrace it by wearing skull jewelry design. Suitable for men and women, these designs can either be small in size or in a bold, eye-catching pattern. You can find a subtle skull as a charm in a bracelet or as the focal piece in a necklace.

Animal Skull

Rhinestone Skull Jewelry Design

rhinestone skull jewelry design


Jewelry is essential in completing the overall look of a person. Apart from enhancing beauty, jewelry will make an outfit unique and stand out in occasions such as anniversary, weddings and birthday party. Both men and women can wear jewelry to highlight their best features, express personality, fashion style and boost confidence.
For many decades up to now, jewelry designs continue to be a symbol of beauty, status and as a way to express individuality. Women adorn themselves with earrings and colorful bracelets while men tend to wear bracelets and necklaces that best represent their fashion style as well as enhance their masculine traits.

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