Glowing Jewelry as the name suggest, is nothing but jewelry that glows. It is quite interesting to wear from the usual jewelry because unlike the regular jewelry this actually radiates. One misconception about glowing jewelry is that they can only be worn in the dark but let me show you that these glowing jewelry designs can also be worn anywhere during any time of the day. Some of the glowing designs that we see here are in the form of artisan jewelry or tropical jewelry but they all look creatively well designed and are definitely charming to wear.

Glowing Stone Jewelry Design

glowing stone jewelry design

This is a simple gold opalite necklace that would make a great piece of jewelry to wear for any special occasion. The opalite is a radiating stone and will make the necklace stand out in itself. Wear this with any beautiful off shoulder gown and you will look splendid, just like this fine piece of jewelry.

Glowing Heart Jewelry

glowing heart jewelry

This necklace looks like one that has just come out of a movie. The lovely silver heart grasps the stone and its radiance is illuminating through the chains of multiple small hearts. The blue light on the inside makes it look sharp and lustrous.Glass Jewelry Designs

Glowing Glass Jewelry

glowing glass jewelry

Hey! batman lover, this is your chance to own something as cool as the superhero himself. This might look small and simple but through those bat wings and through the glass radiates a special light that will make you feel like a superhero yourself. A leather chain supports this amazing pendant.

Pink Glowing Jewelry

pink glowing jewelry

The glass done pendant with acrylic pink inside is gorgeous and very beautifully thought of and designed. Wear this with any top or a beautiful dress; the radiating pink will grab all the attention you need.Rhodonite Jewelry Designs

Crystal Glowing Jewelry

crystal glowing jewelry

The crystal glowing ring design looks rustic and vintage. It takes us back to the 60’s and hence this will add an elegant touch to your look. The gleaming blue radiates to complement your skin tone.

Handmade Glowing Jewelry

handmade glowing jewelry

The gold plated ring is the shape of a flower. The tiny stones in between glows to make a brilliant visual appeal.

Glowing Tree Jewelry

glowing tree jewelry

The turquoise is a lovely color in itself and when it glows, it absolutely looks dazzling. This charming pendant has a tree painted on the inside. The black tree complements the turquoise color extremely well. If you want to gift someone special something, this should be the one.

Mystical Glow Jewelry

mystical glow jewelry

This mystical glow jewelry is simple to look at but take it into a dark place and you will be surprised to how wonderful and charming it looks. All Pokémon go fans, this is a must buy for you.

Glowing Moon Jewelry

glowing moon jewelry

The moon doesn’t radiate any light, physics taught us that well but this particular crescent gleams and glows. And when it does, it is most gorgeous thing to look at.
The design is wonderfully designed and it looks extravagant.

Glowing Mermaid Necklace

glowing mermaid necklace

Glowing Naturally Sea Ring

glowing naturally sea ring

Royal Glowing Jewelry Design

royal glowing jewelry design

Glowing Dark Ring Jewelry

glowing dark ring jewelry1

Glowing Pendant Jewelry

glowing pendant jewelry

Red Glowing Jewelry

red glowing jewelry

Glowing Ring Jewelry

glowing ring jewelry


Beautiful Glowing Jewelry

beautiful glowing jewelry


If you think glowing jewelry designs are only for special occasion, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Glowing jewelry can be worn anywhere, even in the bright daylight and they’ll still look gorgeous.

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